The Dry Eye Zone

Dry Eye Devices

Summary of devices for in-office or at-home use, with FDA approval or clearance status if known.

Dry Eye Devices

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FDA approved with new classification

  • Apr 2017 - TRUETEAR, by Allergan. For consumer use, TrueTear is an intranasal neurostimulation device designed to temporarily increase tear production. It was previously known as Oculeve.

FDA cleared (510(k))

  • Dec 2016 - ILUX (Tear Film Innovations). For in-office use. Handheld device with heat and pressure therapy for clearing meibomian glands.

  • Nov 2016 - LIPIFLOW Thermal Pulsation System by Johnson & Johnson (prev. TearScience). Lipiflow is designed to treat MGD.


  • BLEPHEX (Resurg; exempt): For in-office lid margin debridement.

Other or FDA status unknown

  • IPL (Lumenis, E-Eye). For in-office treatment of lower eyelids.

  • NULIDS (NuSight). At-home device for cleaning and massaging of lids.

  • TEARCARE SYSTEM (Sight Sciences): Wearable therapeutic eyelid device.