The Dry Eye Zone

Did you know?


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Did you know? Avoid cosmetic eye whitening procedures.

Did you know?

Cosmetic eye-whitening procedures have scary complications rates. Dry eye is “just” one on a long and ugly list!

TFOS DEWS II Iatrogenic dry eye report, section

Cosmetic eye-whitening procedures for the treatment of conjunctival hyperemia, the regional conjunctivectomy, originating in South Korea in 2013, and a similar procedure in the United States, I-BRITE® (Boxer Wachler Vision Institute, Beverly Hills, CA, USA), have been the topic of great controversy, given the severity and rate of complications, reported to be as high as 82.9% [551–554]. Post-operative complications include chronic dysfunctional tear syndrome, conjunctival epithelial defects, ocular hyperemia, fibrovascular proliferation, calcium deposition, and more seriously, glaucoma, keratitis, limbal stem cell deficiency and necrotizing scleritis [551–554]. For conjunctival whitening procedures, definitive exclusion of autoimmune and infectious etiologies must be carried out prior to instituting appropriate therapy [551–555].