The Dry Eye Zone

Did you know?


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Did you know? If you score 13 or more on OSDI...

Did you know?

If you score 13 or more on OSDI, you should be getting detailed dry eye disease testing.

Wait… what’s OSDI?

It’s a handy little 12-question dry eye screening tool. Try it out.

Source: TFOS DEWS II Diagnostic Methodology report, section 8.

Top tip!

If you’ve already been diagnosed with dry eye, get the OSDI smartphone app and use it once a week.

This will help you establish a trendline of your symptoms. You’ll get to know your ups and down better - the actual patterns are much harder to remember accurately than you might think. You’ll also have a way to communicate more effectively with your doctor about your symptoms. This is especially important when the clinical signs your doctor sees during the exam do not seem to be as severe as the symptoms you’re experiencing. Your doctor needs to know, and you can communicate it far more effectively in numbers that have been consistently gathered than in any other way