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    Thread: Restasis and eyelid inflammation?

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      Restasis and eyelid inflammation?

      I've been using Restasis for about a month now. I think it's helping a little, especially with how bad my eyes are first thing in the morning. I have developed an irritated lower right lid, where it's red and kind of puffy. The part where "bags under your eyes" would be on that side is intermittently sore. And the lid margin itself is irritated and sometimes itchy as heck.

      I'm trying to decide whether this is something to power through, or is the Restasis going to keep making this worse? The information says not to use Restasis with an active eye infection, but I'm not sure if this counts. If it does, I'm sure I'd be off the stuff for the better part of a week. I'd hate to lose all progress I've made on Restasis and have to start over. I'd more hate to develop some nasty infection that puffs up and requires lancing.

      Any thoughts?

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      yes. I think you should see your doc to find out if this IS an infection going. If so, you'll likely need an antibotic for it. I'm not sure if he would still have you taking the Restasis during an infection or not. It sure seems a shame to stop and loose the progress you think you've made.

      I'd check this out and try to avoid stopping the Restasis unless the doc says it's irritating your eyes. Lucy
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