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    Thread: Fan cause dry eyes

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      Fan cause dry eyes

      ok, so one more thing. I was thinking, i have used a fan when i sleep for years now. Could this be the cause of my bad dry eyes? Its hard for me to sleep without a fan so i use it. I use to use one right next to my face when i sleep? Long periods of this could cause dry eye,,,,possible? You think getting humidifier and trying that out would cure my dry eye perhaps. only 28/m so something is causing this? I dont sleep with fan blowing directly on me anymore but i like the sound of it and puts me to sleep. Would that still cause this or is there something mroe going on. I think it is bad during the day because the fan at night dries them out so bad? True or maybe something else?

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      I think perhaps the fans aggravate our dry eye condition, but are not the cause. Just my two cents. We use the ceiling fans a lot in Florida and at night too. So, I sometimes take the sheet and cover my eyes... Not fun at all, but anyway. Many times I will turn off the family room ceiling fan when my husband steps out of the room

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