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Thread: Any luck with Hydro Eyes?

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    Any luck with Hydro Eyes?

    I'm wondering if anyone has had success using Hydro Eye supplements.

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    Hi Suzie,
    I have tried Hydro eye and did not see much response. It was probably 18 months ago and I only used two bottles. I now understand that some of these take abit of time to get into your system so maybe I did not give it long enough before abbandoning it.

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    Hydro Eyes

    I used up one bottle with no effect at all.

    Mike Brown
    Vancouver, WA

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    I too tried HydroEyes with no luck. Try Biotears, it really worked for me. I felt something the day I used it.

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    Tried them for a year to give them a shot. Nothing for me.

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    HydroEye works well for me

    I have been using HydroEye for a couple of years and it's the only product I've ever tried that has worked for me. You need to take it everyday for a few weeks to get results. My ophthalmologist made it a point to make sure I understood how it worked and that I give it sufficient time to produce results. He said this is the only oral product he recommends and that it has produced the best results for his patients. I am waiting to use up my supply before trying the new version with the fish oil.


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    Did not help me, in fact my eyes were worse when I was using it!

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