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    Thread: Calcium Deposits in your eyes?

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      Calcium Deposits in your eyes?

      I have these little white pimple bumps in the outside corners of my eyelids. I use to think they were from my GPC infection from eye contacts but my doctor looked at them and said they were calcium deposits. I guess its from keeping my eyes open without blinking enough and eating to much foods with calcium in it.

      Would anybody be familiar with this?

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      Oh ya and I have had these bumps for about the last 5 years or so.

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      Hi TRiBaL, Yes I have these tiiny little white bumps as well on my eyelids. I've had them for several years - 2 or 3 of them anyway... You are not alone!! Judy

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      HAHA, ya it sucks, I mean there not painful but I wish i could make them go away. I been trying not to eat any calcium in my diet.

      Have you ever try to make yours go away by doing anything?

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      No, but I did see a dermatologist as I was worried about skin cancer. She gave me a sample of some cream to use but pointed out that studies have shown than using large dosages on mice produced lymphoma. Like I'd really want to use something like that on my skin, let alone near my eyes. I can't remember what it was, but I went home and thru it away immediately. Actually my bumps are so tiny, I'm not too concerned unless more show up... I do take calcium at night and don't really think calcium should have anything to do with these little bumps... Just my opinion tho... Are we having fun with this dry eye stuff?

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      Yes its awsome HAHA, my eyes always burn its so fun and specially when i haven't got to wear my contacts in years.

      I just search up on internet though and i seen websites say that calcium deposits come from to much calcium intake. I dont know anyways, i been trying lower my calcium intake in hopes of it ever going away haha.

      Mine are very small as well, I guess i'm just weird it bothers me haha

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      Hi TriBal,

      Your bumps may actually be milia, which are very small cysts. They are not made of calcium, but contain keratin, a skin protein. These are common on the face and result from aberrant growth of skin cells around hair follicles and oil glands. They can result from sun damage (loss of collagen support) or, as I would speculate, friction, perhaps from rubbing. I frequently see them on the eyelids in my dermatology practice. They can be removed with a small needle or with a little zap with an electric needle. That's my 2 cents, without seeing you, of course. Good luck,


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      Yea, they try to use a blade of some sort and cut them out but they were to hard and solid to scrap off. One of the bumps he completely scrap off and it just regrew...

      Should i goto a dermatologist? I only went to eye doctors to look at it..

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      It couldn't hurt to see a dermatologist, if the bumps bother you. Good luck,


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      Kathel, TRiBaL,

      Kathal reminded me that my dermatologist mentioned 'milia' for my white dots . One just fell off very recently, but I'm sure it will present itself again... I agree with Kathel, TRiBaL that perhaps you should visit a dermatologist. You then might feel more comfy taking calcium and eating calcium rich foods again...

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      ya you should see a doctor...

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