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Thread: Vitamin A Ointment

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    Vitamin A Ointment

    Has anyone used Vitamin A ointment for dry eyes? In his book Dr Maskin talks about how it can be effective for severe dry eye where the surface of the eye has become very dry and scaly (does he mean squamous metaplasia?) My doctor didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned it.



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    Yes, as far as I'm aware he does mean squamous metaplasia-of the lid margins I think. Dr. Maskin served as a fellow of Dr. Scheffer Tseng of the Ocular Surface Center in Miami, FL before he went into private practice in Tampa. I believe Dr. Maskin learned about Vitamin A ointment through Dr. Tseng who ran a study in 1the '80's to determine it's efficacy in treating dry eye. Please see this link :

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