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    Thread: Occasional eye pain

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      Question Occasional eye pain

      Dear Dr Latkany,

      Around three weeks ago, I start to feel the pain at the upper part of my right eye. The pain is occasional and is not that terrible, but it bothers me. However, the doctor told me there is nothing wrong with my eyes, except I have dry eyes. The doctor told me to use artificial tear drops. So, I put around 5 times a day, but the pain never goes away. Also, I had Phakic lens implant 3 months ago for myopia correction, I don't know if this relates to the eye pain? Any thoughts/suggestions?

      Thank you very much.

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      This is a tricky one. For your eye doctor
      to say you have nothing wrong just dry eyes
      bothers me and probably everyone on this site.
      Dry Eyes should not be considered "nothing".

      Anyway, Phakic IOLs themselves, thier location in the
      eye, touching the ciliary body or iris or a low-grade
      iritis are all possible as well as many other things.

      But when somebody complains of eye pain on the
      upper part of the eyelid (when the eye is closed or
      open) especially after intra-ocular surgery the one
      thing you have to rule out is an iritis or inflammation
      inside the eye. (This actually has a name called
      Samson's Sign a colleague that I worked with in the past
      at NY Eye & EAR). It can be very low-grade and hard to detect.
      But once again this is impossible for me to
      say for sure over the internet exactly what is going on with you.
      Please seek another opinion if you are not satisfied with
      your doctor.

      Dr L

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