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Thread: Restasis substitutes?

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    Restasis substitutes?

    Dear Dr. Latkany,
    I live in Australia where Restasis is unfortunately not available. However, I have heard of people using cyclosporin eyedrops, which are concocted on prescription by a pharmacist. Would this approach be equivalent to using Restasis? Are there other options you know of for people who cant get restasis?

    Congrats on your upcoming book - I'm looking forward to reading it.


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    As long as you find a compounding pharmacist
    that can make 0.05% cyclosporine then it will be
    close but not the same (the vehicle in which it is
    used with is another Allergan product). Most compounding pharmacist
    do not make this and rather make 0.5%, 1% or 2% and have
    been used for years for other serious eye illnesses.
    They have not been studied with dry eyes but I have
    used them in the past and they can help but this
    of course would be off-label use. I have had many
    people see from overseas for this exact reason and
    they leave with more than a one year supply.

    Dr L

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