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Thread: saran wrap anyone?

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    saran wrap anyone?

    Has anyone tried saran wrap for dry eyes at night? My tranquil eyes just don't stay on and I need a different option.

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    Put some water on skin or some oil or will stay a lot better

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    I don't use saran wrap. I use Glad Press N Seal. It's not "your normal" saran wrap as it has a tacky/sticky side so I've never had to use moisture or vaseline to make it stay. And it doesn't hurt when you take it off in the morning (yipeeeee!).

    (The nice thing about Glad Press N Seal is - if it doesn't work out for you as an eye cover, you just transfer it to your kitchen! It doesn't go to waste.)

    I do find that 3M micropore tape works, perhaps, a bit better than Glad. But taking it off in the morning hurts so much that I try to alternate between tape and Glad (using Glad a little more often).

    I've got all the other covers too (Tranquileyes, Onyix, sleep masks). But because of my facial rosacea and getting so hot at night, I prefer something less on my face. I know that those other covers work very well for some though.

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