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    Thread: Dreaded Computer use..

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      Dreaded Computer use..

      Over the months i have read of many people who say that over computer use has caused there dry-eye, and i for one can belive this!.
      Is there any proof that over doing computer use can be the initial cause of dry eyes? or does medical science say that is not possibe?.

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      I read something ages ago on glare but haven't been able to find it since. After reading it, I did invest in an anti-glare stick-on film for my Apple. For some computers, you can buy anti-glare devices that hook on and supposedly work better than the stick-on film. I don't know if it's made a difference but I'm still using it.

      They do know that people blink less when using computers. Whether that would cause longer term dry eye, I don't know.

      So much of this is individual -- I have a number of techie friends and family who have no issues at all, yet here I am, running around with fancy eye drops, trying new diets, consuming supplements and all sorts of things to help my eyes. I would love to know why some of us are affected and others have no issues.

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      its the lighting that causes it, i bought a toshiba satellite laptop that had huge lighting and im stuck with chronic eye dryness man wow. Anyways, buy filters for ur laptops.

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      Lighting may be part but the main link between computers and dryness is that your blink frequency drops dramatically when you're staring at a screen. (Whoops just noticed PC just said this too ). There's a lot you can do about this - blink reminders, repositioning chair & screen so that less of your eye surface is exposed, wearing computer glasses to increase humidity around the eyes etc.

      I really like the F.lux program to adjust screen brightness based on lighting situation and/or time of day.
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