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    Thread: prescription lenses and dry eye

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      prescription lenses and dry eye

      Hello: i have severe dry eye and wear my 7-eye sunglasses most of the time. Now I need prescription lenses for reading and computer work. Does anyone have a recommendation of what glasses to get with a prescription. i want to look as normal as possible when i have them on at work. and i have a very small face so not sure what would fit best. my 7-eye briza sunglasses look like big goggles on me.
      thanks, Maureen

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      Hi CanadaMo,

      I think the Briza might be the smallest prescription frame that 7-eye makes. If you have a small face, stay away from the Ziena. They are very attractive, and very large. I heard that 7-eye was going to come up with a smaller version of the Ziena in the Spring of 2012.

      Have you thought about having custom moisture chamber glasses? They are quite attractive as they are based on your existing frames. An optician places a plastic film around the lens, which is then cut to fit around your eye area. I have written about it in other posts. I'm not sure where you are in Canada, but when I contacted Eagle vision about the plastic, they gave me a list of opticians in Ontario who make these moisture chamber glasses. Send me a PM if you are looking for more info.

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      The most normal looking small sized moisture chamber I know is microenvironment glasses. They can take high Rx.

      Wiley-X AirRage is the smallest good quality 7Eye type product I know of. I think they go up to -6.0 (as opposed to most moisture chambers which will only go to about -3 or -4).

      Have you tried stick-on plus lenses for reading? Far from ideal but as a short term solution it can work.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone

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