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    Thread: Cost of BFS's PROSE Lenses?

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      Cost of BFS's PROSE Lenses?

      From what I have read here in the past I believe that BFS's PROSE lenses can cost anywhere from 7000-20000 dollars. I'm really interested in trying them out - if anybody has a numbers regarding the cost and would'nt mind sharing could you please post.

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      BFS' number is (781) 726 - 7337 - ask for Brenda Diaz.

      There is a fixed fee for the entire fitting process etc but I don't know what it is right now. Nowhere near $20k though, I think it was around $7600 last I heard. But then I rarely come across anybody who pays out of pocket for it. It's usually either covered by insurance or BFS' patient assistance program kicks in and I think they have some special arrangements for patients coming in from out of the country.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone

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      Hi rebecca and Aaron,

      Thanks for this post! I just got off the phone with Brenda. She says the cost is $10, 000 total for the two eyes. She believes that many patients from Ontario can get some money back from OHIP (provincial insurance). I would imagine other provinces would have a similar arrangement. Your MD or opthalmologist would need to send in a referral request to Boston, along with results from your most recent eye exam. Your doctor would also complete the request for OHIP funding. I would suggest you send topographies in as well (for post lasik). Brenda says the fitting procedure usually only takes about 1 week, but be prepared to spend 2 weeks in Boston. There are apartment style accomodations available at $35/night and this includes breakfast and lunch.

      I am seriously considering the Boston option, as several opticians/optometrists have confirmed that my post lasik vision irregularities would not be well corrected with glasses. Also given that I have dry eye, I'm not sure how well another lens would work. I'm fortunate to be working with an optholmologist who has already referred patients to the BFS.

      Thanks Rebecca and best of luck Aaron!

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      Bella please keep us informed on how this works for you and the process you go through as you check into/acquire the lens. I hope it works perfectly for you.

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      Hi all,

      I just wanted to add that almost 80% of the patients treated at BFS in 2010 were covered in part or in full for PROSE treatment through their insurance providers and/or financial assistance. BFS staff work closely with each patient and his/her insurance provider to obtain insurance reimbursement whenever possible and connect patients with additional lodging, meals and transportation support to make the treatment process as affordable and convenient as possible. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

      Since ach PROSE clinic is independently operated by our partners who manage their own scheduling, insurance and provide ongoing care, please feel free to contact PROSE clinics partners (www.bostonsight.org/partners) individually for specific information and questions regarding insurance.

      Janice M. Epstein
      BFS Online Community Advocate

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