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    Manuka Honey

    Hey guys....

    Well what can I say, Manuka Honey is giving me relief that nothing has even come close to before!

    I have ocular rosacea along with blepharitis/MGD. Pretty severely as well.

    I have tried restasis, topicals to my lids including rosex gel, protopic, many diffierent antibiotics even a product which is soon to be used for rosacea, which gently constricts the vessels with no rebound affect.

    All the drops and gels under the sun, moisture chambers both day and night including tranquileyes and onyx.

    I have even tried oral anti milarial drugs and oral anti inflammatories.

    All the above give me varying digress of relief. But nothing gave me more than say 50% relief?

    Over the past week I have been applying Manuka Honey and this stuff has been amazing. Now the real test will come when I go back to work as I work with dual monitors in a very dry environment all day long. But I have a feeling my symptoms will stay much improved.

    Whilst the Manuka Honey is applied to my eyelids, my eyes feel almost 100% normal? I really can't believe it as my eyes are VERY bad in terms of rate of evaportation and tear quality. The inflammation is AWFUL.

    I have seen the whites of my eyes return to normal which is just amazing.

    I have been applying this to my eyelids about twice a day and whilst I have been at home have left it on most of the day (and night).

    I am sure with the great relief it gives me while applied that the benefical affects will continue on into my normal day. I will report back in a week or so.



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    RE: product soon to be used for rosacea?

    What is the name of the product you mention that is soon to be used for rosacea and constricts the blood vessels?

    I'm happy you found something that helps your eyes.
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    Wow! I'm so happy for you. I've been eating honey daily for ocular allergies (and I have evaporative dry eye/AD). I use local honey, but I've seen Manuka honey at the health food store.

    Can you describe in detail how you apply the honey? Is it just a pinch spread over the upper lids only?

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    spmcc, you have probably heard of it. I frequent the rosacea boards (well i used to) and my name there is lamarr also. I cured my severe flushing rosacea with mepacrin prescribed by Dr Chu.

    The drug is called sanrosa as a product name, chemical name is brimonidine tartrate 2mg/ml.

    Now the formulation I used is the one used for glaucoma as an eye drop. But I applied it to my skin.

    I tried it once directly in my eyes and like most vaso constrictors gave me several days of rebound pain/redness so I don't recommend that.

    Nanerpus before work I have been using a cotton bud to carefull apply it all around my lid margin. When im at home I just smother it all over my eye area with my eyes closed.

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    anyone here tried manuka honey and had it work?

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    I also have used Manuka honey on the eyelids...not in the can read old posts or read my blog. It seemed to work the same way it did for Lamarr! It doesnt seem to be for everyone...but it certainly does help some people.

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    So you put the manuka honey on the eyelids... on the bottom of each eye only? Because if you put it on the top, wouldn't the honey go down to your eye?

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    For anyone interested in manuka honey eye drops, you can buy them from

    The brand is called optimel. I have purchased them from here and found them helpful too. They do sting when first applied but it doesn't last long.

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    How does one put manuka honey on the eyelids? I can imagine you can put it on the bottom left and bottom right eye like right under your eyeballs. But how does one put it on the top left and right eye since the honey would eventually fall down to your eyeballs?

    Also how long is one suppose to put it on?

    Thus i can see you putting honey on the lower you put it on eyelid margin? So you put it on whole lower eyelid from left to right? Then what about the top eyelid platform?

    Where in the diagram are you suppose to put the manuka honey and how long before you wash it off?

    Has anyone here used manuka honey and another thing or is that bad idea and just stick to 1 thing? I been using wetones and i thought it cured everything ealrier but now my blepharits came back with a vengeance and i really dont think these wet ones are going to work anymore

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    Anyone here got blurriness from blepharitis? Im really worried right now because few days ago i had pain in my eye so i took off my contacts.

    I then used wetones as i been using it since earlier this year but it seems like both of my eyes, i have lot of broken skin inflamed around my eyes. This isn't the crust on the eyelids like i had back when i started having blepharitis.

    The thing is my lower eyelids are very red both left and right. Also my eyes are bit red and the area around each each is very sore.

    The thing that worries me the worst is few days ago when im using my computer... note i use the computer all day and night...i noticed i could not see letters/numbers on my screen. Everything is extremely blurry... i then opened the tv and noticed this as well.

    Then yesterday i used computer in the afternoon it was okay for a bit but then i could not see any letters/numbers at all on my computer. Im wearing glasses and everything is REALLY BLURRY that basically its like me looking at a computer screen where im not even wearing any glasses at all. Its been like this for a few days already. Should i be really worried?

    Basically if im on the computer for a bit, i basically cant see words/letters at all and i never ever had this problem ever. Is this temporary? I had thought it was just 1 day or so but its been a few days like this already. Also i can open my eyes so why is this happening? I know back then when i first got blepharitis and it was really bad, i couldnt open my eyes much b/c of the pain and thus i couldnt even use computer much b/c of the pain opening my eyes.

    Does anyone have any advice on this? Few days ago i also put some manuka honey directly on my lower eyelids both left and right for few hours then washed it off. I did this b/c i read about manuka honey and b/c since i had the blurrieness the day before, i decided to try the honey. I think some honey could have gotten in my eye but thing is i already had the blurriness before this the day before.

    Does anyone know what i can do now? Im still using the wet one wipes but im very worried why i have this blurred vision when on the computer.

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