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    Thread: Purple Eyelids?

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      Apr 2010

      Purple Eyelids?

      I have posted my story in another section before, but with no satisfying answer, I hope that someone here recognizes the condition of my problem.

      The edges of my upper and lower eyelids have turned ''purple''. Additionally, my eyes get tired quickly, irritated (especially at night while going out) and are very light sensitive. The symptoms worsen as the day progresses.

      The eyelids have turned purple approx. 4 years ago (I'm now 23) and I've no idea what it is caused by. There are days that is a little less visible, but most of the time it is like pictured below.

      Any input is greatly appreciated.

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      Have you tried visiting an eye doctor where you live? Most of the time when your eyelids are involved it is some form of MGD, although you should see a doctor to confirm this. Your eyes actually look very good, I wish mine looked like yours, but that is why these things can be so frustrating because people don't believe you when you say your eyes are bothering you. If I were you I would try to visit an eye doctor and get an accurate diagnosis of the problem so you can start treating it properly.

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      Not what you want to hear but your eyes look Great.

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      Not to be negative, but I would loooove to have eyes as clear and bright as yours. Mine are chronically bloodshot. I also have the purplish tint on my lower eyelids. I started noticing it in my late 20s. I have not attributed it in anyway to my dry eyes. I just ignore it and assume it's a normal part of aging. I actually kind of like it; if offsets the color of my blue eyes nicely...kinda like permanent eye-liner.

      A quick google search revealed an interesting idea:
      "Symptoms of collagen vascular diseases like dermamytositis include purple or violet-colored eyelids." From: http://www.livestrong.com/article/29...#ixzz17OaECfd7

      My guess is it's related to run-of-the-mill dry eye, blepharitis or ocular rosacea.

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      I have the same thing. Mostly on the upper eye lid.

      I do take eye drops for Glaucoma though which has done weird things to my eyes.

      Sucks big time.

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      Hi EMP,

      I agree with the others re: possible bleph/MGD. That would explain the symptoms (tired, irritated, light sensitive eyes, worsening as the day goes along). I would suggest going back to the doctor with some really specific questions. I was just reading your other thread. Some doctors don't really examine the oil glands in detail and others, when they do, don't say anything about them so it really helps to ask specifically.

      Ask them to press on your meibomian glands, and ask them to comment on what they're seeing. Is oil flowing freely? do they appear to be producing enough? is the oil thickened or poor consistency or discolored or are the glands blocked? Is there inflammation? Also, if you haven't already, post in Dr. Latkany's forum (with your photo).
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone

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      geen uitsluitsel kunnen krijgen bij mirjam van tilborg?
      geen diagnose en evt. behandelingsplan?


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      As others have said, your eyes look great! if I took a picture of mine up that close I wouldn't dare post it...

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