I'm sure a lot of you guys have had this... that insanely annoying burning/itchy and/or stinging in the inner corner of your eye.. in the pink fleshy part.

Anyhow, the last couple of days, it really flared up there, but I wasn't sure what did it.

Thanks to my 20x magnifying mirror, I was able to see that there was a part of it that was really red compared to the rest.

I came to the conclusion that when opening my eyes in the morning (they tend to stick shut), I must have pulled the lid away too far when trying to squeeze some drops in, and maybe tore a few cells off leading to the irritation. This morning I was much more careful to just let the drops seep in, so there was no "unsticking" pull when I opened my eyes... today the redness is almost gone in that spot now.

Just thought I'd mention this in case someone else is having this problem...