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    Thread: LASIK and blepharitis

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      LASIK and blepharitis

      Is getting LASIK surgery out of the question if I have blepharitis? Would it just make things worse?

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      If you have active blepharitis, no really good surgeon should agree to do the surgery until it's under control anyway, so you can spare yourself the decision.

      On the other hand posterior bleph/MG so often goes undiagnosed that I'm sure tons of people with subclinical bleph have had LASIK. How many of them account for the folks like those who appear on this board with post LASIK misery, I have no idea. I have my suspicions. Kind of a roll the dice thing I guess. I suspect after posting this you'll be hearing from the crowds who are unhappy about not having known about the increased risk.

      There are plenty of people who have had LASIK who had bleph and came out fine. Heck, I even know Sjogrens patients who say they're satisfied with their LASIK. And my husband's granddaddy, like so many others, lived to 90-odd despite smoking three packs a day.
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      Allow me to be the first: If you have blepharitis, don't mess around with refractive surgery. Even the most responsible surgeons don't fully understand the connection between bleph and the changes in corneal nerve structure that occur when you have LASIK or PRK. I WISH someone had warned me.

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