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  • Foreign Sensation Under My Eyelid For One Year

    Hi. I've currently been dealing with a chronic ocular problem for a year now. I've seen 5 different doctors, and have been diagnosed with a variety of causes for eye pain. Here's a timeline of the diagnosis and medicine I have used over the course of a year:

    1. Giant Papillary Conjuntivitis-...
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  • Eye pain for over a year now..Please help!

    Hi there. Im a 21 year old woman living in the US, and I've been dealing with a huge amount of pain over the course of a year.
    My eyes have been burning and itchy for the past year, as well as it feels like something is in my left eye constantly.
    I've seen 7 different doctors, consisting...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Not sure how to cope

    Not sure how to cope

    Help. I have came back on here because of no relief, I'm doing a warm compress allergy eye drops and scope fish oil. My tbut last time was 6-7. I am getting tired of no relief, it's depressing me and I might make an appointment with my optremist soon. I'm going to start university in September but Im...
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  • Anyone tried scope fish oil

    Heyo! Havent been on here in ages, just a question of interest. Has anyone tried scope fish oil? My optremist did recommend this, if thera tears didnt fully take effect. Been on thera tears since end of may, along with catacrom in july, and not so much doing warm compress or eye drops. My eyes feel...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Improving??


    Hi all! Just to update you all, from when it was back roughly in august my last appointment. Apprently, since may ive been doing so well so this was my results; slight staining in my left eye, no damage to my corneas, all my allergies are down (2-3 bumps which is normal), my mgd is very mild now- he...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Nervous for appointment?

    Nervous for appointment?

    Hi all! I have posted a lot, but been busy recently. I am back on sertraline, I was just wondering is it normal to be nervous for my next appointment? My last one was in august, then 3 months later and I go on the 8th nov. My TBUT is 4 seconds, but the last 3 & 4 appointment he told me my eyes are...
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  • Lasik induced eye pressure/strain and sinus pressure. HELP!


    First I would like to thank the admins of the site for creating such a site that is providing support for many folks who have had complications with Lasik.
    I had Lasik about four months ago and I have regretted my decision for every single day since. I’m a younger fellow...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic RAH appointment

    RAH appointment

    Hi all, just been to the RAH and basically got no where, i have allergies that effect my eyes no idea what they are, got more eye drops and was hoping to go away from that. My college finally knows and were very helpful to me about this, i do warm compresses/drops/take an antihistamine a day, going...
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  • Proper eye drop instillation

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently on a four drop regimen of restasis, lotemax gel, patanol, and artificial tears. I am taking the lotemax and patanol because of very bad ocular allergies that has manifested into papillary conjunctivitis (I have seen an optometrist about this). I have been on...
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  • How to keep up self esteem with no contacts/eye makeup?

    Hey Dry Eye Zone,

    Just had some questions for people who have gone from wearing makeup/contacts, to no longer being able to. How have you coped self-esteem wise?

    I'm 26 & before MGD, i (naively) wore contacts and eye makeup everyday, which made me feel attractive. I now...
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  • Finally something that relieves my bleph

    After suffering from Blepharitis for several years I finally found something that helps. It's called the style'n'clean pen and I found it on a random website while searching the web. It looks like a mix of a mascara brush and an electric toothbrush. You can attach a little sponge to it which you can...
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  • 22 year old girl with newly diagnosed dry eye syndrome!

    Hi, my names Nicola and I'm a 22 year old student from Dublin, Ireland. I was diagnosed with dry eye syndrome today! I have suffered with dry eye symptoms for the past 6 months with no improvement or a proper diagnosis until now but my ophthalmologist is positive that my symptoms can be managed as she...
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  • Chronic allergic conjunctivitis

    I've been here before, I had LASIK 6 years ago and had a top up by PRK four months ago. I had some corneal erosions due to dryness which is now under control. I was experiencing an uncomfortable feeling in my eyes, one eye being worse than the other. My symptoms are swollen eyelids on waking which last...
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  • grant555
    started a topic new allergy diagnosis

    new allergy diagnosis

    i recently saw dr. latkany and he diagnosed me with ocular rosacea and likely an ocular allergy. I saw an allergist this week and she found no allergies, but sensitivity to every indoor allergan she tested. so, she gave me pataday which is helping quite a bit. however, as we all know it contains...
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  • Eye allergy and a bit of dryness

    Hello all,

    This is my first post. Although bringing up problems may not be the best introduction , I thought I should go straight to business.

    So let's get started:

    My eyes have been red for like 7 months now. It doesn't itch, doesn't burn or sting or...
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