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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Nervous for appointment?

    Nervous for appointment?

    Hi all! I have posted a lot, but been busy recently. I am back on sertraline, I was just wondering is it normal to be nervous for my next appointment? My last one was in august, then 3 months later and I go on the 8th nov. My TBUT is 4 seconds, but the last 3 & 4 appointment he told me my eyes are...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Mild Mgd

    Mild Mgd

    I've been on here a while looking at IPL/Lipiflow but cant get access to Lipiflow... So would IPL be an option for someone who has mild mgd? I'm already doing warm compresses once a week, fish oil (thera tears) daily, and lid scrubs only when I need it. Is there any other options for mgd? I think my...
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  • Lasik induced eye pressure/strain and sinus pressure. HELP!


    First I would like to thank the admins of the site for creating such a site that is providing support for many folks who have had complications with Lasik.
    I had Lasik about four months ago and I have regretted my decision for every single day since. I’m a younger fellow...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic RAH appointment

    RAH appointment

    Hi all, just been to the RAH and basically got no where, i have allergies that effect my eyes no idea what they are, got more eye drops and was hoping to go away from that. My college finally knows and were very helpful to me about this, i do warm compresses/drops/take an antihistamine a day, going...
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  • jk23
    started a topic Proper eye drop instillation

    Proper eye drop instillation

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently on a four drop regimen of restasis, lotemax gel, patanol, and artificial tears. I am taking the lotemax and patanol because of very bad ocular allergies that has manifested into papillary conjunctivitis (I have seen an optometrist about this). I have been on...
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  • jennifermd2015
    started a topic 40 yo female with mgd

    40 yo female with mgd

    Hi all, I have had mgd for a while now (8 years?)...when the doc expresses my glands absolutely nothing comes out! I really can't wear my contacts too much anymore and just try to stick to glasses except when I want to swim, scuba, snorkel. For a long time I have considered PRK but not sure how my eyes...
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  • How to keep up self esteem with no contacts/eye makeup?

    Hey Dry Eye Zone,

    Just had some questions for people who have gone from wearing makeup/contacts, to no longer being able to. How have you coped self-esteem wise?

    I'm 26 & before MGD, i (naively) wore contacts and eye makeup everyday, which made me feel attractive. I now...
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  • Solution for Blepharitis and irritated/dry eyes!

    My name is Charlotte. I've been suffering from blepharitis for years now and it's been a nightmare. My eyes have looked like i'm constantly crying and they hurt almost all the time. I've been to several ophthalmologists but nothing they've prescribed have worked for more than a couple of weeks at the...
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  • Optometrist said no dry eye, but I still have a swollen caruncle, and irritation

    I've been battling dry eye symptoms in my right eye for about 3 years now. I finally got good insurance a few months ago, and went to see an optometrist. He prescribed lotemax for me, and told me to do hot compresses. I followed up with him two times after that. The first followup he expressed my meibomian...
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  • pokane536
    started a topic MGD and Allergies.

    MGD and Allergies.

    Hi everyone. I am 20 years old and I have been suffering from mgd for over a year now. IG used to flare up a little bit but now it has been with me for a full year. I did hot compresses twice daily and tried various lubricating drops but my eyes would remain red and uncomfortable. I was then on doxycycline...
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  • eyeliner tattooing for someone with MGD, allergies, and contacts

    Im considering getting eyeliner tattooing done on my upper lids only because my eyes get irritated when applying makeup on my lids. I already have lots of tattoos so I know about how it will feel however my question concerns how does this impact bleph (not sure if I have this, no crusting or anything...
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  • bookwoman
    started a topic Vacuum Cleaners

    Vacuum Cleaners

    I have noticed that vacuuum cleaners blow air out and this dries my eyes out so I have been asking other family members to vacuum for me. Our vacuum cleaner just broke and it is time to get a new one. Aside from wearing goggles while vacuuming, I was wondering if anyone had found using a canister vacuum...
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  • Help! Can't stop eye inflammation. Any ideas?

    Hi everyone,

    I am not getting much help from doctor so I am calling n the wisdom of my dry eye zone friends for help.

    I have Lasik dry eye from Feb. 2009. I was managing my dry eye all right until June 2014. I went on a wilderness camp in Wyoming. I spent four nights in...
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  • Cooling Nighttime Eye Mask for Allergic Conjunctivitis??

    Hi everyone,

    After much reading and searching on the forums and a very major time where I thought I was suffering from blepharitis (not true..) i discovered I have been suffering from allergic conjunctivitis.

    Symptoms include slightly swollen eyelids and red/"cloudy"/veiny...
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  • Allergy Medicine that won't make dryness in eyes TOO bad?

    It's that time in Texas again where the crap in the air is starting to aggravate my allergies.

    But I have been afraid to take any OTC medicine b/c of the fact I know it might make my dryness worse.
    I was wondering if anyone uses and specific brand of allergy medicine, and haven't...
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