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If you receive an unsolicited PRIVATE MESSAGE...

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  • If you receive an unsolicited PRIVATE MESSAGE...

    ...with a link in it or anything you are concerned about for any reason, report it to

    Reminder to all users:

    You MAY NOT use DEZ to massmail people i.e. sending unsolicited messages to get the word out about your cause, website, product, fundraiser or anything else, no matter how worthy your cause. Doing so will result in permanent loss of private message privileges on the board and may result in loss of board privileges.

    The private messaging system exists for individual one on one support & communication, not for promotion or publicity.

    Thanks for your understanding

    Sorry I haven't been on the board much in quite awhile. In the middle of building a tiny house, among other things, and life is nuts.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone

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    Hi Rebecca,

    Just wondering if you would consider adding a commissary link where members could discuss things that may violate current forum policies such as research fund raising campaigns, and off topic subjects etc.

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