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Reduce GLA, Omega 3 (& nuts) to avoid grittiness

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  • Reduce GLA, Omega 3 (& nuts) to avoid grittiness

    Hi, just sharing - in case someome are interested.
    I am curious if someone share such strange experience???

    I need to reduce the amount of omega 3, GLA (& nuts) to avoid grittiness.
    The Uni. doctor confirmed the gritiness was because eyes are (too) oily.

    I did suspect that too (from the oily tear film) and already reduced a bit then eyes feel better &
    now I got the confirmation WHY. I need to figure out the right %/combination - seems a few drops/day are enough for me.
    First, I thought it might be demodex. Dr examined and said, NOT demodex.
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    (too) oily ?? for a MGD?? what do you mean by too oily?
    What drop do you use?


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      such gritty feeling started when I first increased omega 3 (& later GLA) to thin the oil and they worked
      although my omega 3 & 6 are pretty high already according to blood tests did 1 year ago - I eat lots of nuts too.
      I think since now my oil quality has been improved as doctors said, I do NOT need that much as before.

      Drop: It has nothing to do with drops I use as I have NOT changed.
      My eyes like Systane Balance.
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        So good news for you. thx for the infos


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          Hi MGD,

          thanks for your info on the whole30 diet! Very helpful!

          Do you mean that you were eating too many nuts and it was making your eyes drier? I think nuts have omega 6 too donít they?


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            Whole30 Diet: Great you find it useful. I personally have NOT followed it 100% nor know much of it but I am careful with diet.
            Some doctors recommend it and find it useful.

            Nuts, omega 3, GLA:
            Sorry for confusion. I meant I have taken too many nuts, plants seeds/omega 3, GLA etc. which make my eyes too oily.
            Yes, Nuts have lots of omega 6 so we should be careful.
            In short, I should cut down and adjust the intakes (or find a better combination) since my oil is NOW clear.

            I have done compress diligently for nearly 1 year but the secretion still (half) thick even after LipiFlow.
            All 8 doctors who know MGD did not recommended omega 3 (nor GLA) so I searched for solutions and solved it.
            According to my research omega 3 + GLA combination works better than alone, new studies!!
            Just google ''GLA, dry eye'' you could find many articles.

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              I havenít started the whole30 diet yet as I also am not sure if I will do it completely or add in some carbs!

              What type of diet do you follow? Can you give me an example of what you would eat in a day?

              What is GLA? Where/what foods do I find it in?

              So you are saying that you overdosed/took too much omega 3?

              Thanks for your help!


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                GLA: is omega 6 but good one. There are only about 7 types.
                more info please google, 'GLA, dry eye'. many articles in professional journals -
                including from Dr Paul M. Karpecki.

                Diet: just avoid sugar, processed food. Eat different colours of vegetable/fruit daily,
                meats & eggs: 3-4 times/week, ginger, unions, garics, lemo almost daily, bio if possible.

                I take flaxseed oil, hemp oil/GLA - both bio, cold pressed and different nuts whole day, with food/salad.
                I think in the beginning the volume should be large but later should be reduced,
                especially when the oil quality has been improved.

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