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Are Gland Images Accurate / Reliable?

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    Hi MGD1701,

    I'm not expert but what I have seen, Lipiview provides better image definition than infrared light.(I've never used infrared light nor Keratograph 5M)
    But I believe that lipiview doesn't provide % of aol. I haven't seen it. I think it is just an estimate from the doctor.
    And counting the number of gland alive is the way I can find out the %.
    I've never heard that it was possible to take photo with slit lamp. Good to know but no doctor proposed me that.

    Ask your doctor to email you the lipiview report. Then estimate yourself the aol.

    Doxy: Thanks for information about doxy. My doctor give me a course of 6 weeks then stop 2 weeks then again course of 6 weeks if needed, for few months. Some have it for 6 months or a year.
    So I think I will try it for 3 courses. Do not expose to the sun and don't eat dairy with doxy. (I think you already know that)


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        Just found more (old) info - 2013

        Korb: MGD must be treated to prevent gland atrophy ----- June 13, 2013

        Clinicians must direct appropriate attention to the prevention, monitoring and treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction to avoid gland atrophy, according to a summary of a presentation made at the British Contact Lens Association conference.

        Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is not necessarily obvious, Donald P. Korb, OD, FAAO, reported.
        The lid may look perfectly normal while incapable of expressing oil,
        and there are often no obvious lid signs or inflammation
        Regardless, untreated MGD always results in anatomical changes, according to the summary.

        For example, terminal duct obstruction leads to a decrease in lipid secretion, an increase in tear evaporation and a decrease in aqueous layer thickness and results in an unstable tear film that evaporates easily.

        Korb explained that once patients lose meibomian glands, they do not get them back,
        although truncated glands can be rehabilitated.

        According to the summary, Korb said that those with MGD need to understand that
        there is no immediate cure, but that if untreated, meibomian glands will atrophy.
        If they can acknowledge that their eyes feel worse now than they did a few years ago,
        they may be ready to cooperate, he explained.
        unquote------- from
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          Hi, just something to share!

          We know to examine gland function is important but gland images are equally critical because:

          a) even only 10% of (each) gland alive, (some) oil flowed out when dr. Gupta pressed patient's glands
          b) doctors can not see gland atrophy at slit lamp

          according to Professor/Dr. Preeya Gupta, MD, when she made her (case) presentation (for doctors) in Nov. 2017

          Actually she almost fell down from her chair when she saw the images - 90% gland loss.
          Unfortunately, many doctors still do NOT take images - but we must demand this, if we want to save our glands!!
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