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Taking Prose Lenses out after wearing and then putting them back in

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  • Taking Prose Lenses out after wearing and then putting them back in

    I was wearing my Prose lenses yesterday and ended up falling asleep for about 30+ minutes. Upon waking, vision was somewhat Hazy, the lenses had been in from 9-6. I took them out a washed them off with Unisol and put them back in. I did not clean them w/Optimum cleaner, in the past this had irritated my eyes. I was reading I could get an infection from doing this. What are your experiences taking on and off prose lenses after wearing them. It definitely cleared the haze but I'm a little worried my eyes are irritated now.

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    I don't use Prose lenses but I've gone to bed intentionally whilst wearing my sclerals. I've also taken them off after several hours and waited about an hour and put them back always feels better to replenish them.


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      Once I get the haze on my devices I just have to accept the fact that I am done seeing for the day. I have tried taking them out and rinsing, I have tried taking them out and washing. No matter what I do, I can get the haze to get marginally better temporarily, but I find it progressively gets worse. VERY annoying. Occasionally I get the same problem when my devices get dry (such as in a building with a lot of airflow). If there is anything that can make it better I would be interested to know also!

      Does the haze for you always form in a straight line across the middle? I wondered if maybe thats because that is where my eyelids meet? I just can't figure out why the haziness doesn't go away with washing. I have been wondering about this for yearssss... thanks for posting