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circle of injection while wearing lenses

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  • circle of injection while wearing lenses

    Looking through all the posts of this board and the archived posts of the closed sclerals board I haven't read of anyone describing the problem I've have with my sclerals.

    I've been trying these lens fitted by my optometrist, Jennifer Hill in Altamonte Springs, FL, for about a year now. My history is of Sjogrens Syndrome the last five years (preceded by two years by rheumatoid arthritis) which has been progressive. My Schirmers test now shows 1 to 2 mm moisture on the paper even after all four of the puncta having been cauterized. With this 17mm set of lenses as with the previous 16.5mm and 14mm sets, I develop a very prominent perfect circle of injection just inside of the lens, between the pupil all the way to the inner edge of the lens. It is very noticeable to anyone within 6 feet. After removing them the injection fades away over maybe 30 to 60 minutes, but leaves all of the sclera moderately injected over all the eye. Its the same for right and left sides. Even though they help with the eye pain I'm hesitant to wear them because of the injection which I'm afraid will become even worse or even permanent.
    The optomotrist has no idea why this is happening and doesn't know who to refer me to. I want to go to one of Boston Sight offices eventually but would desperately like to know something sooner rather than later.

    Has anyone here heard of this issue?