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Dry eyes or makeup allergy?

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  • Dry eyes or makeup allergy?

    Hi guys! Iím back with my makeup complainings! Haha!

    So im doing a lot better like a mentioned on my last post Iím taking flax seed oil, fish oil and vitamin D; Iím also taking my medicine for my thyroid problem.

    Im doing so so sooooo much better! I basically donít use eye drops anymore, UNLESS, I wear makeup. What am I saying? I canít ever wear makeup, not even a little eyeshadow, my eyes donít tolerate any eyeshadow at all! Not even a little bit. So, Iím starting to think I might have an allergy to makeup..

    when i I apply the eyeshadow, my eyes get red, itchy and I feel like I have sand( just like dry eyes) BUT I donít get all this sensations anymore If I donít wear makeup, basically Iím fine now but my trigger is makeup. As soon as I remove it, and weíre talking like the second I remove it, my eyes go back to normal, they feel irritated for a few minutes but if I wash my face and clean them good, Iím fine within minutes!

    Iíve been reading about ďallergic conjunctivitisĒ but... I donít know, they donít get AS BAD! I mean they hurt but they donít get that red! According to the google images that allergy itís pretty bad?!

    So I'm thorn! What do you guys think?

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    Hi Sophie!

    I'm glad I found someone else grieving the loss of the eye make up. Have you tried hypo-allergenic make up? I researched myself and read that liquid eye shadow and gel eye liner might have less negative effects on dry eyes. I haven't tried it out though.

    I just gave up my eye makeup about a week ago. I am getting used to it but not enthused. I have also started on flax seed oil, all types of omega vitamins, Vitamin A & D and more elaborate massages. Something seems to be working as I am getting less headaches, less redness, and actually am feeling my eyes more teary than before.

    However my eyes are still puffy and feel very tired and so I am not ready to try the makeup again just yet. Any additional tips you can share?


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      Hi there! Well all I can say is donít stop taking those vitamins, even when you feel theyíre not working, cause I started to feel the difference in a few weeks, it didnít happen quickly.

      I do warm compresses and massage my eyelids eveynight, I even managed to express them myself!

      I also recommend to get blood test done, since I just recently discovered I have a thyroid problem and low on vitamin d (which can cause dry eye)

      a saw a YouTube video and the girl suddenly developed dry eye, and she ďcakesĒ her eyelids with foundation and concelear, like ďcreating a barrierĒ between the eyelid and the eyeshadow, and she uses her finger to apply the eyeshadow. I did that Sunday and I only used my eyedrops once! It worked! Iíve beeb so busy at work so I donít have time now to try it again but I think Iím gonna do it tomorrow!

      I wont recommend you, to do this as of now since you still have inflammation, I donít have any at the moment.