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Filamentary Keratitis or regular mucous strings?

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  • Filamentary Keratitis or regular mucous strings?

    Our daughter, age 8, has had what look like clear strings that move over her eyes a few times within the past month and a half. For a long time I though they were hairs or strings and tried to flush them out. I learned of them because she said her vision was blurry and I looked at her eyes, saw the string, and instilled many eye drops trying to flush them out. Tonight I learned through a google search of filamentary keratitis and wonder if it is what she has. She has mild dry eye, some papillae in her lids from allergies and slight redness. She sees an ophtho every six months. Her next apt is late Dec. I would like to know how to tell if it is regular mucous she has or FK. IF it is FK, is it ok to wait a few months to be seen by her doc? I read online that sometimes the filaments are not visible and therefore the patients go undiagnosed. Is this true? Thanks for any help.