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    I am digging into hormones, and thought I'd put this article out there because I found it to be a really good overview of hormone replacement. Don't be fooled by the title; it covers way more than bio-identical hormones, and even touches on hormone testing.
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    And here is an excellent article on sex hormones and dry eye.

    "Current evidence indicates that it may be an imbalance of relative levels of androgens, oestrogens and progesterones in the circulation that triggers (or once triggered, alters the outcome of) inflammatory processes within the ocular structures of the lacrimal functional unit and forms the basis for the pathogenesis of dry eye. It remains unclear as to how the different sex hormones interact to regulate the functional activity of ocular tissues to provide homeostasis of the ocular surface. As much of the evidence in this area is derived from animal studies, caution needs to be exercised when applying these findings to human models, as for example, rodent animal species do not synthesize sex hormones in local tissues, as is the case in humans. Nevertheless, as it stands, the literature indicates that the development of therapeutic strategies to target the pathogenesis of dry eye disease may be possible through the alleviation of endocrine imbalances."

    The article is dated 2014. All authors appear to be associated with the University of New South Wales, Australia (Optometry, not Opthamology).
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      I did try sublingual DHEA supplementation, once for two weeks and once for three days (2.5mg; anything more had a deleterious effect on my body in general). Both times this increased oil production AND overall eye inflammation for me.
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        I reduced the DHEA dosage again, cutting a 5mg tablet in four. I took it for three days (trying the pulsing method) with a goal of getting the adrenal glands to start producing more testosterone. My opthamologist said that reduction of this hormone (due to menopause) is likely the reason that my eyes became noticeably symptomatic. I think I will take DHEA once a month, but I am still experimenting with the dosage. An important solution to menopausal symptoms is to improve the functioning of the adrenal glands. This actually seems to be working for me. My eyes are improving; it is helping more than anything else has. And I can tell that I have more testosterone in my system. It is surprisingly pretty obvious.

        And as an aside, DHEA supplements state that a doctor should monitor. Both my family MD and gyno were not interested in monitoring. I think that perhaps only a Natropath or Integrative Medicine doctor would do so.


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          Hi PG. Am glad this is working for you, and it is working with a minimum dosage. Too much can have undesirable and sometimes dangerous side effects, which sounds like you are well aware, and likely the reason it should be monitored by a doctor. But taken in moderation, if you can get some material relief, it's certainly well worth it.

          Hope you continue to see even more improvement!


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            I found clinical trials where they gave menopausal age women DHEA oral supplements and their bodies used it to make mostly testosterone, and some estrogen.



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              Still doing quite well with this approach, symptoms decreasing. Down to two warm compresses a day, no more moisture chamber glasses at work, reduced eye drop usage, not waking up from eye discomfort, don't spend all day thinking about my eyes. And logging on here isn't part of my daily routine anymore.


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                Hi PG. It's great news that you have found the cause of your dry eyes, I am truly so happy for you! That's quite an improvement you've experienced so far. This could provide some hope to those who may also be suffering from dry eyes due to hormones, where this potential cause might not cross their minds until they see this thread. Thanks for the update, and hope to keep getting encouraging posts from you, as you continue to progress.


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                  My improved symptom level continues (as in notably reduced, not gone), and I have identified two things that cause setbacks for me: 1) less than 100% hydration 2) alcohol, aside from it's dehydrating effects.

                  These articles indicate that moderate alcohol consumption increases estrogen, and promotes conversion ("aromatization") of testosterone to estrogen.


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                    May I ask, where did you find the dhea supplement? Product and where did you buy it?