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  • Long Term Restasis Use

    Are there any other long term Restasis users here? I have had DES for 8 years now and have used Restasis consistently since then. I was in such terrible pain and depressed it saved me. Now I'm really starting to worry about any long terms side effects that's could impact my health. Anything I research shows there is no link between Restasis use and developing cancer, etc. Also my doctors have reassured me. That wasn't enough and I stopped using Restasis in October. It's winter now and of course my eyes are really getting dry. I'm thinking of starting on Restasis again but really worried. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I have only been using Restasis for 2 months now. but I have discussed with many doctors. They have said Restasis can be safely used 2 times a day for as long as you want to. Meanwhile there is an oinment called Tacrolimous which has the same antiiflammatory/immnunosuppressant role as Restasis. Not sure if it is available in your country. But It can be used indefinitely without any side effects it seems.

    PS: I used Tacrolimous for 4 months and then had to stop as it stopped working. But it could be helpful in your case as it is being increasingly used for dry eyes in India now.