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    Hello all. I have been a lurker but decided to join to share my experience with Xiidra. I asked my doctor that I would like to try it and he gave me the script. His only comments were that it worked differently than Restasis and it could take up to 6 weeks to work. Well I started it. I was feeling hopeful from the start because the first 30 minutes to an hour it made my eyes tear. At least they felt moist. I had the blurriness due to the tearing ( I think) for about the first 30 or so minutes. I also experienced the weird taste in the mouth as is listed as one of the side effects. Heck if it worked, I would be happy with any taste or side effect. The taste thing would only last for about an hour or so too. For me, Xiidra was a complete failure. In fact my eyes progressively felt drier. At night, I would wake up with eye pain and my right eye stuck shut. I gave it more time as my doctor suggested but I could no longer take it. In the day my eyes felt like as bad as they ever did. I may go back to Restasis.


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      Just an update. Today is my 15th day since stopping Restasis and starting Xiidra. I've been tracking the same reactions in a spreadsheet that I posted a piece of above. Generally, I'm experiencing persistent, mostly minor side effects while seeing some real improvement with less dry eyes. I have long-term issues with routine tear production and this is the most & most consistent moisture I've felt in my eyes during the day since I can remember. So far, Xiidra >for me< is a success. One of the few in decades of dealing with DES and related issues. (Again, I'm a 63-year old male with long-term diagnosis of Bleph & MGD plus a capacity for hyper-allergicness affecting eyes, lungs & sinuses. My allergies are currently well-controlled so my focus these days is on managing DES.)

      Here's a summary to date of Side Effects & Improvement:

      Eyes Burning - This seems to vary with sometimes light burning at application and sometimes upon openings eyes after application. Either way, the pain is not severe and never lasts more than a minute or so. A non-issue for me.
      Vision Blurring - This is the one side effect that I remain concerned about. The full range of duration for blurring is 7 to 30 minutes in the wake of applying the drops. The common pattern over the last (2nd) week is blurring off & on for 13 to 20 minutes. I've had to build more time into morning routine to allow my eyes to stabilize and clear up.
      Foreign Object Sensation - This was an issue the first 3 days of Xiidra use. Stopped on the 4th day and hasn't shown up again.So, now a non-issue for me.
      Bad Taste in Back of Mouth - I notice this now & then. It's not persistent or a strong taste. A non-issue for me.
      Good Wet Eyes During Day - Yes, yes, yes!
      Swollen Lids in AM - This showed up on Day 2 of Xiidra use and has persisted up to today. My lids, expecially my lower lids are kerazy puffed out. But, everyday, sometime in the course of doing my morning hot compresses, lid scrubs, etc they settle down and look normal. If swelling continues like this but also clears up each day, I'm treating as another non-issue.

      Best of luck to all of you. I'll report again in a couple of weeks.
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