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Normal inner eye lid color

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  • Normal inner eye lid color

    Hi guys, i am just wondering what is consider a normal inner eye lid color? is it pinkish red? or red? I have MGD, but since i started on my Restasis treatment, my eyes feel and look whiter and now the color of my inner eye lid is pinkish red...But yea, i just want to know the normal color of inner eye lid.

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    I'm wondering that same thing. My inner eye lids (at least the bottom one, can't check the top) are always pretty red. See previous post:

    "I've noticed for awhile that my lower inner eyelids are fairly red. My eyes don't itch and my eye doc doesn't think my dry eye is from allergies (am allergic to dust mites, mold, etc). I mentioned the redness last time I saw her. She looked at them, but then we got onto another topic and I realize she never addressed my concern about the redness. I have severe aqueous deficiency (have all 4 ducts plugged), but wonder if maybe there is also an allergy component going on that is making things worse.

    I use Refresh PM at night as well as during the day. Could the ingredients in this be causing the redness? I know it's not suppose to be good to use ointments, but it's the only thing that gives me relief for an extended period of time. Drops that used to work (non preserved) don't seem to help anymore and seem to be irritating to my eyes. GenTeal gel burns so can't use that. I put a little ointment in the corner of my eyes several times a day most days, including at night. It doesn't give me blurriness, just melts into my eye and coats it which seems to make my tears last longer. I frequently even get a little moisture on my eyes, which of course feels really good!"


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      Hi smthcorona,

      Have you considered changing brand of preservative free drops, this might help?


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        Red does not sound good. Mine are not red.


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          Originally posted by curemeplz View Post
          i am just wondering what is consider a normal inner eye lid color?
          Just FYI, I've gone around and asked family and friends to show me their inner eye lids! I didn't know that mine looked so terrible (very red and veiny) until I saw their "normal" inner lids.

          So, if you have family and friends that can put up with weird questions, ask them!


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            Before I found out the primary reason for my worst eye symptoms was certain chemical allergies, and eliminated those allergens from my environment, the inside of my lower lids was a very red color. A week or two after eliminating those chemicals, my eyelids became a much lighter color and the edge of the lid was such a pale pink that I wondered if it was normal for it to be such a light pink! It was normal. The redness wasn't.

            I just posted about my eye problems on the thread called "Itching around eye", if you want more info. And have done many long, detailed posts before about what I did that helped. I'm soooo much better now than a year ago.

            BTW - Before my chemical allergies were diagnosed, I didn't have much itching because the pain covered up a lot of the itching sensation. But as soon as I started eliminating the allergens, and had less severe reactions, I started having more itching until I found all the allergens and eliminated them. That had confused doctors in the past when they'd asked if I had much itching and I'd said "no".

            Mary in VA