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My big chalazion - the sequal

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  • My big chalazion - the sequal

    I had posted previously a while ago, about a big bumg on my eyelid, that has been there for over a year.

    In the last few days, this bump grew really big, like an orange on my uppper lid. Now is at a stage that is soooo very painful and ugglier than ever.

    A sort of whitish head is starting to form. So Today I go to my ophtalmo guy, he wants to me wait a little more, do warm compresses, as If I understood he thinks this is going to suppurate in a few days, so he tells me he prefers that this bump bursts on its own, instead of lancing it.
    But if it doesn't happen in one week, then he'll arrange for me to get this removed.

    I was wondering if anyone had experience with this? I wonder if bursting naturally would leave a scar on the eyelid...I wonder if this would be better than surgery.
    This is really painful.

    I'd love to know.

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    I just had this happen to me. I had a chalazion for about 2 months, then it did the same as yours. It swelled up like a cherry and got a white 'head' on it. I did the hot compresses and it finally drained on it's own. This was just a few days ago and now, finally, the lump is gone and lid has healed just fine. No scar that I can see.
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      I too had that problem on both my eyelids, they eventually came out on their on. Don't bother trying to squeeze them out because, if it's like the ones I had the white stuff is not easy to come out.
      I ended up having scars on both eyelids, where those two big chalazions were. They look like a small incision in the place where the white 'head' was. Not very noticeable though.


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        Thanks for replying guys...
        I wont' really try to squeeze, because this is so painful to the touch...I think I need to do a lot of hot compresses because this is taking too long to drain...I'm hoping I can get rid of this before the holidays.


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          Magoo, when your chalazion began to disappear after 2 months, how long did it take to go away with the warm compresses? Had it already hardened before it swelled up and burst?



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            I guess thats what happens if some of us dont do our warm compresses..... ugh! I was wondering what that bumpy bit is near the lashes on my upper eyelid, maybe not quite a chalazion yet but needs attention. How long do you all place the warm compresses for and do you use the microwave heat or warm water and do you squeeze the lids afterwards or massage them etc?


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              Lynne, it felt hard, but I don't know if it just felt that way because it was so full and tight. When it drained it just drained totally and all within hours. I kept putting the compresses on for a few days just to make sure it had emptied out and it was gone. I have a couple of crazy eyelashes now where it emptied out but that's it. During the two months I had it, I can't say I was really good about the warm compresses, I think I used them just when it felt sore. I really thought the doctor would have to open it up because it was just sitting there but all of a sudden it changed and drained.


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                Thanks, magoo. Do you have any idea what caused it to burst suddenly after 2 months?