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Hyaluronic acid

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  • Hyaluronic acid

    Hello! I did a search of the term hyaluronic acid, and got posts, but it seemed that none of the posts had these words in it. So am asking, and I hope you'll forgive me if this is a much discussed topic and somehow I messed up the search.

    Anyhoo, my friend wants me to take this orally, dosage not yet discussed, because she had dry eyes, lasik related she says, and swears by it. Does anyone have any knowledge?
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    You mean taking hyaluronic acid as a liquid.....

    I have used a product called Syno-vital

    It didn't make a difference to the symptoms so I stopped buying it becuase it was very expensive. I used it for quite a while though so it wasn't as though I didn't give it a chance.

    My eye problems are not caused by lasik


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      Hi there -

      I took HA capsules too (went through a 300 count bottle -2 a day for 5mths.) and saw no improvement in my eyes either unfortunately.


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        Same experience

        I tried the HA capsules too and I saw no improvement, I have dry eyes from lasik. I have read some research online that oral HA doesn't have the same effect for dry eyes as compared to a topical drop. Personally I wouldn't bother.


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          hyaluronic drops

          Blink has Hyaluronic acid in its moderate-severe option. I don't know how they'll work in the long run but I really like both how quickly it 'clears' and how comfortable my eyes are after. Some dry eye magazine or site endorsed them (sorry to be so vague, but was reading it in the middle of Walgreens, in very small print). I am having a good run now anyway, though, don't know why (well it's been snowing for days--high humidity; plus I've been doing my compresses and wearing lenses outdoors; and taking the flaxseed oil very not scientific to venture that it's the Blink!)

          Thanks to all for the answers!!! I might try my friend's hyaluronic acid to see if my skin or joints perk up even if my eyes don't (which they're doing pretty good anyway!). But I did read a professional study that seemed to be saying that HA benefits all those things by increasing circulation, and unfortunately this also feeds tumors. Does anyone know about that?


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            RE: Acuaiss Liposomes

            I just found a spray for dry eyes called Acuaiss Liposomes (see

            It says that Acuaiss Liposomes is made up of liposomes that contain hyaluronic acid.

            Has anyone tried this? Maybe it's only available in Spain.

            I've tried Actimist (same deal... spray it on closed eyes), but found it no help.


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              Tears Again Advanced Liposome Spray

              I have tried the Tears Again Advanced Liposome Spray.

              I didn't notice any huge improvement but then again I am not consistent with it. It does seem to help with the "chapped" feeling I get on my eyelids from washing a lot.

              It does sting if you get it into the eyes though.
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