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Calcium deposits IN eye lid

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  • Calcium deposits IN eye lid

    I have a small, clear, pimple like bump on the inside of my lower eyelid. It is only visible when I pull the eyelid down. It does not seem to hurt, but I have noticed that my lower eyelid seems a tiny bit more swollen than normal (or maybe I am imagining that).

    I went to an eye doctor who said she doesn't know what it is. Reading here in the Restatis forum, someone suggested it might be a calcium deposit. Has anyone else had this and can tell me what it looks like or how to treat it?
    Thanks for any help, I am worried.

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    Hi Decaf,

    don't panic

    I have something very similar (in fact 2 different things) on the inside of my eyelids, one on the upper one on the lower.

    The lower one (it's in the crease) I can see and is like a tiny clear blister which my optometrist called a "vesicle" - or blister in layman's terms - which is not at all dangerous or something to worry about. He said it's usually related to an allergic or inflammatory reaction, and doesn't need any treatment. Have had it for months and it hasn't changed.

    The other thing I have actually IS a calcium deposit, only it's on the inside of the upper lid so I can't actually see it myself - again, my doc told me about it, and again said it's not serious and unless it grows big so it irritates doesn't need treatment. This calcium thingy is apparently yellow in colour - so what you have sounds more just like an ordinary blister.

    He showed me pix of eyes with dozens of these little deposits inside the lids, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    Get a second opinion would be my advice if you're still experienced eye doc should be able to explain what even you can see inside your lid - not wishing to disrespect your doc, or anything.


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      Thanks very much for your reply. Sorry for the late response I've been on vacation. I did go to another doctor who said it is nothing to worry about and that I have irritation and allergies. And the bump is nothing, just a "cyst". I will ask if it is a vesicle when I go back.
      In the meantime, I've been reading about Thyroid Eye - I have thyroid problems and I've read that this can cause dry, irritated and swollen eyes, often just on one eye and not the other. I have come to the conclusion that this is what I have because I had stopped my pills and then this happened. I've started the pills again, but probably too late.
      We will see. Thanks again everyone!!