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My corneal scraping aka debridement

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  • My corneal scraping aka debridement

    For two weeks I've worn a bandage soft lens and taken Zymar drops 4 x day to prevent infection. Doc and I experimenting to see if we can do something to smooth my cornea. Problematic since lasik 7 1/2 years ago. Have also had a corneal ulcer in that eye and cataract surgery. Extremely dry from lasik and more recently know Sjogrens probably exacerbating dryness. Have Boston Scleral Lens and 3 trips to clinic. Left eye keeps me from being successful wearing them. My left eye is the one with best vision, but with the pain and extra dryness is often squinting.

    Two days ago I had the debridement. Sometimes this is done as PTK with a laser and a skilled surgeon guiding the instrument. Here in Timbuktu, we have the plain old hand held diamond burr thing and another pointed instrument which looked like a dentist's scraper.

    Doctor B did the procedure while I had my chin in the harness sitting up very straight. He numbed me with a few drops and then started. He then added more drops when I winced. He had the pointed thing and ran it back and forth over my cornea. I could feel it as a pressure. He then took something that sounded like a dentist's drill (a small hand held diamond burr) and ran thing over my eye with some force. I pulled my head back at one point when he really put the pressure on. The procedure was not really painful, but the feel of pressure on your "bad" eye is not a pleasant thing. He slapped on a clean bandage lens and gave me more drops. I'm using Pred Forte, Zymar and Acular (LS) 4x day.

    I went back today for a checkup. It has been two days since the surgery. Doc B said I had about 50% of my epithelium growth back. No DLK, which is great because I know he was expecting it because of a bout after lasik. I go back in 4 days for removal. I'll keep up with the drops in the meantime. My eye is uncomfortable in the meantime, which one would expect from this procedure. I'll report back after I've had the lens removed

    I've been seeing a lot of posts from new people on here and from folks having EBMD. It is a hard thing to describe to people.

    If this has anything beneficial for me, great. If not, I had to try this as it seems bandage lens have been helping patients on similar circumstances. My eye crap is so old that it's "nothing ventured, nothing gained." This does not include surgery of a more invasive type!
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    extraordinary stoicism

    Lucy - - Wishing you a real turnaround through the debridement strategy. . .It just might be the ticket, right now. . .I bet it brings you a fresh start, with a cascade of improvements afterwards. . .

    I wanted to remark on your amazing stoicism regarding the debridement procedure, itself. I had a debridement done on one cornea back in 2000, and while I was blessed with a good and uneventful healing afterwards, the pain that set in, for about 4 hours, shortly after the debridement, was indescribable. . .You didn't even mention that. . .demonstrating just how tough one can become, after years with ocular surface pain. .

    The doc who did my debridement furnished me with an excellent narcotic painkiller, which numbed the pain as soon as I remembered to take it (:^). . .and so I would never warn anyone away from the procedure.. .But still, your courage and determination, Lucy, in the face of what had to be at least a brief episode of intense pain, warrant lots of hugs and admiration. . .

    Will be looking forward to reading how things now progress. . .


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      Thanks, Lucy, for the update on your eyes. I don't fault you for considering the debridement, and applaud your bravery. It would not be an easy thing getting in that chair like you did.

      I certainly am pushing for some improvement and an opportunity for some success with you scleral lens in that eye. Keep us posted.

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        Hi Lucy,

        I am new to this board. I have recurrent corneal erosions from Cogan's Dystrophy since about 1994. No one knows how or why it began. I had no procedures performed on my eyes prior to the onset. I just want to thank you for your posts. I had a stromal puncture several years back, and the pain after that procedure was awful. I don't know if I would ever be brave enough to consider a debridement. I wish you all the best. I really hope this procedure helps you. Please let us know how you are doing



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          I wish you well with the debridement and hope that you get some overdue relief.

          Take care and keep us posted.

          warm regards
          "Every day is a good day, some are just better than others"


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            Lucy, thanks for posting your experience. I'll be watching for updates eagerly, and hoping that this does the trick.

            Best wishes for a speedy and long-lasting recovery,


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              Best wishes from this Boston guy too. Very brave of you. Really hope it helps!


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                I got the bandage lens off today. It was on 6 days. Plus, I had worn one before the scraping for two weeks-just as a trial. The doc said my eye looked "good." My eyes always look "good" as per the doc, so that doesn't mean a thing.

                I have to use Pred Forte and Acular LS twice a day for a month and then go back. My eye doesn't feel a whole lot different, however getting the lens out is a start. I think I'll have a good idea in a few weeks if this has really helped or not. My expectations are not high.

                One thing that was hopeful was the Dr mentioning my "maps" were mostly at the 9-12 o'clock area of the left eye. This just happens to be the area where the Boston Sclerals bothered me the most and made it impossible for me to wear. I have to use Muro 128 ointment at night for the next month and no trying my lens. Should be careful to doing anything I can to avoid an erosion and mess up the epithelium. It is very fragile right now. I can't even go near a swimming pool because of the chlorine smell! Will report back in a couple of weeks.
                Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

                The Dry Eye Queen


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                  Thanks for the update. I hope that the next few weeks bring you healing! And, beyond that, I hope that you find some comfort and relief.

                  Best wishes for your good progress,


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                    Thank goodness finally

                    I'm so glad to hear from you. I've been wondering how you were doing with this. I sure hope it helps.



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                      Lucy... looks like you're about 2 weeks in? How are you doing?
                      Rebecca Petris
                      The Dry Eye Zone