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Can eye infections come from eye glasses?

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  • Can eye infections come from eye glasses?

    This may be a weird theory, but I have long eye lashes and I can't really tell but I think they are rubbing up against my eye glass lenses every time i blink my eyes. Plus when I sweat from playing sports and wearing my eye glasses at the same time, my sweat gets on my glasses and could leave germs although I do wash my glasses alot.

    Could this be a cause of a eye infection?

    And if so what should i do to resolve these problems?

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    If you're worried about it, you can keep your lids/lashes clean (not just the glasses) by cleansing with a lidscrub.

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      Okay sorry about that. Anyways i keep my eyes clean at times and I just wash my glasses with water but even if you like clean your eyes then like your dirty glasses touches them should cleaning your eyes even matter haha.


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        Hi Tribal

        Just a thought - if you want to know for sure if your lashes rub against your lenses put a smear of petroleum on your lids - as detailed in other posts it will 'creep' down and ends up on your lashes. It leaves smears on your glasses when the lashes touch (or at least it did with me)

        Hope this helps

        The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?


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          Hi Tribal,

          I have long eyelashes too. I started to trim them and I am more comfortable.

          All best,



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            Oh boy, what some of us women wouldn't do to have long eyelashes... To think of trimming them, oh boy, so sad!!


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              trimming them always seem to hurt I wonder if i could just curl them like women do.