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Waking up in the morning with eyelid stuck and dry

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  • Waking up in the morning with eyelid stuck and dry

    Hi I have an issue that my eyelid of my left eye is stuck. I usually sleep with a cool air humidifier but that doesnt help. I have also tried the tranquileyes but im not one to sleep with something around my head so i usually find it taken off when i wake up (sometime i remember taking it off and sometimes i dont lol). Any suggestions besides the application of eye drops when i wake up in the morning. I usually apply drops before i go to sleep but this also dries up. I'm looking for more of a long term solution.

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    I think you are doing everything right. You might consider using a warm moist compress to your eyes followed by a gel type lubrication product for use at night. The gel lasts longer than drops. Some people find it helpful to get up once or twice during the night and instill extra lubrication. Lastly, you might want to check with your eye doctor to make sure you don't have something else going on!
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      When you mention that your lid is stuck, is there any pain associated with it when you open your lid? If there is, it is possible that you are experiencing recurrent erosions and this needs Dr intervention as a matter of priority.

      Like Kitty suggested, I agree with using a Gel, and reapplication during the night may be required also.

      I also keep a small vial of saline beside the bed that I put in my eyes before I even attempt to open them to try and avoid further erosions.

      Take care

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        I do the same as Prattstar. I use gel at night, and I keep a tube next to the bed along with Soothe drops--I reapply both 2-3 times during the night.

        A tip: if your upper lid is sticking, don't try to open your eye to put in drops. Instead, pull the lower lid down, and out, forming a "pocket" and put the drops in there. Then close your eyes and let the liquids spread out under your lids. That should unstick things and allow you to open your eyes without damage.



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          The other option is to just drop the drops next to the bridge of your nose and corner of your eye as you will find a little seeps in anyway.

          I just have normal saline for this purpose. I find that it moistens the eye sufficiently to get proper drops into it without prizing the lid open and disturbing my already compromised epithelium.

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            The really dodgy part is when you wake with a start in the middle of the night and your eyes open suddenly.Burglar alarms going off are a good example. That is when you can tear part of the cornea and suffer some blurred vision. The pain is something else as well! After a while you do become tarined not to open your eyes first thing but occasionally circumstances forces you to wake up quickly.
            Lacrilube at night and tears as you wake works for me usually.


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              I have certainly experienced my share of recurrent corneal erosions and as Hangus suggests these happen mainly when you are startled to wake.

              It is very difficult to avoid but I have an ice pack in the freezer waiting just in case it happens and find that the ice pack on my eye for a few hours tends to bring the pain back under control.

              I have had significant vision deterioration in my right eye because of these recurrent corneal erosions. I am fronting up for a debridement next week in an attempt to get this under control.

              At the moment, I wear a bandage lens every night to prevent erosions, it doesn't work every night but it certainly helps.


              "Every day is a good day, some are just better than others"


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                Thanks everyone
                this has to be one of the coolest advise help lines for this issue.
                I write at 10pm melbourne australia time (which is where i live)
                go to sleep
                wake up in the morning here and because of all the time differences I have suggestions waiting at my desk 10 hours later.
                Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I do have a rice baggy which i might give another go at...see whether it makes a difference
                thanks again