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Eyelid sticking to eyeball

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  • Eyelid sticking to eyeball

    As a new poster i have read many threads and wonder what exactly a corneal abrasion is? The most "interesting" symptom I have had with my dry eye is my eyelid sticking to my eyeball and when I open my eye the pain is unbearable. I am now mainly trained not to open my eyes too quickly but on occasions i do get caught out. Does this cause corneal abrasions because my eye hurts for a couple of days after?

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    Sure sounds like it.

    There are several ways to protect against abrasions at night, including... humidifier in the bedroom, sleep mask, strong lubricants, and wetting your eyes in the morning before opening them (with a damp cloth, or saline).
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone


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      Eyeball &quot;glued&quot;to eye lids after sleeping

      I cope with that problem by pulling my top eyelid gently and slowly outward off the eyeball then I lubricate Some times I have to do this twice a night and it always wakes me up it is horrible - I have sent for tranquileye goggles to see if sleeping in those will help but living in the UK means i may not get them for 4 weeks
      Also getting up and using a hot wash cloth helps like Rebecca says -moisture is what u need
      Try to make yourself yawn to create some tears too
      It means u are constantly tired during the day cos u hav'nt had enough sleep
      I think the night time is the worst
      Hope it helps knowing others have the same problem


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        I replied to another thread you posted before seeing this.

        I would most definately suggest that you have recurrent corneal erosion, and yes, this is yet another thing we have in common.

        Again, PM or email me, if it turns out we went to the same eye factory, I might be able to recommend some courses of action to get this resolved better for you.

        I am currently wearing a bandage contact lens every night to prevent further damage to my corneas.

        Take care and I am sorry to hear that you are going through this, let me reassure you that you are certainly not alone.


        "Every day is a good day, some are just better than others"


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          Here is a link to my story.
          I think I mentioned it during our chat. I hope you find some useful information there. Take care

          "Every day is a good day, some are just better than others"


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            I'm having that problem as well. Sometimes when I wake up and open my eyes one of my eyelids will have adhered to my eyeball during the night and when it breaks loose it feels exactly like being poked very hard in the eye with something sharp. The pain when this happens is absolutely horrible and lasts for many hours. Sight in the affected eyeball will usually be blurry or wavey for a day or so afterward even after the pain has subsided. After two days or so everything returns to normal.

            The only thing I've found that prevents this from happening to me is putting a small amount of Bausch & Lomb 'Moisture Eyes PM Lubricant Eye Ointment' behind my lower eyelids and then rolling my eyes around while pushing up on my lower eyelids (to make the thick ointment cover my entire eyeball). This sometimes makes my eyes feel slightly dry but when I do this I never have the sticking problem and that I can live with!

            Oddly I've noticed that when I suddenly stop drinking caffinated sodas and coffee after several days of drinking lots of them this problem is almost guaranteed if I don't use the lubricant. Something about the sudden drastic drop of caffine in my system causes my eyeballs to dry right out.