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  • solcoseryl

    has anyone tried solcoseryl eye gel which is supposed to be for wound healing...corneal wound healing.....
    its the only eye gel (but which is not destined for d.e) which i have found, after lacrinorm....but i think im gonna TRY it for d.e ......coz it says it has good wetting the info bout it:

    Solcoseryl is an extract from the blood of young calves,free from protein and antigen. it is non toxic. It improves the utilization of oxygen and promotes the absorption of essential metabolites. the reparative and regenerative actions of solcoseryl are outstanding and it finds wide aplication in the treatment of ulcers of various etiology.

    the formulation of solcoseryl for the eye gel has been developed for the treatment of diseases of the cornea and conjunctiva. Solcoseryl has excellent wetting properties and adheres for a longtime....

    its contains extract sanguin deprot spec. 20%
    excip. conservantia ad collyrium viscosum q.s (dont kno wat it is talking about...!!!)

    hmm the pharmacist says its ok to use it wit d.e and continually....

    so wat do u fink bout this ??....dangerous?......well dats the 2nd eye gel (but which is not for d.e) which i have found. Lacrinorm BAK is an eye gel for d.e it......
    i just wana find a good substitue for my regular use of ointment
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    Mika, hi! I'm responding to this 8 years later but I'm really interested in hearing more about Solcoselyl. Did you ever try it? If so, how did it work? I need something to cure the burning and stinging from steroids. Thanks so much. ~Gerri