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Feels like "Bubble" above one eye

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  • Feels like "Bubble" above one eye

    Hi all,

    Good to see a resource such as this. I have had dry eye for 3 years. I noticed vitreous "floaters" about 6 months before onset of real dryness. It has always been worse in my left eye. Quick tear evaporation. 4 sillicone plugs in place. I use Viscotears (u.k.) but find them gooey. Less gooey artificial tears just seem to run off the eye and disappear. No sjogren's, no other symptoms, no definitive cause. I was on strong pain killers for back ache for about a year before onset ) not sure if there is a link? I use P.C. at work all day.
    No need to tell anyone what a pain it is. It would be enough to drive me to vast beer consumption if hangovers did not make the problem worse. I consulted private specialist over this period but he just measured my evaporation, put in the plugs and recommended ongoing drops. I thought that receiving his bills would be enough to make my eyes water, but alas no. (not onions either)

    Anyway, just to get a handle - do people tend to have consistent dryness in BOTH eyes - or do they differ? - one worse than the other as in my case?

    To get to the title of this post, I often feel that I have "bubble" of liquid above my left eye brow (or generally "around" the eye) which I can "manipulate" (feels almost like wallpaper paste below wallpaper) and which seems to flatten out and disappear if I get a reasonable flow to my left eye (which - the flow - sometimes occurs, or which I can provoke by staring/opening my eye wide). It is very hard to explain but it almost feels like tears are "trapped" above/around the eye. Anyone ever felt this sensation?

    Anyone else any novel relief ideas?

    One thing I do not do is drink enough water (and too much coffee). Has anyone noticed an improvement by rectifying this?
    Anyone tried relexology?
    Vitamin supplements?
    Beseeching prayer to all major religions?

    Sorry I have put so much subject matter into one post - perhaps should have split it.
    Nice to know we are not all suffering alone.

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    This is a weird sounding problem. Have you had the bone and tissue area looked at by X-ray or MRI to see if there is a reason for this? It seems to me it would be worth pursuing.

    But to answer the other questions, my eyes are both dry with the left one being the worse. No real reason for it. Mine is Sjogren's related and gets worse as the day progresses.



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      I recently had a CAT Scan which was normal.


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        Hi and welcome!

        I think that having one worse eye is relatively common.

        Not sure what to suggest about the eyebrow-area sensations... The lacrimal gland is below the brow. You might want to post that part in the Q&A for Dr. Latkany to comment on.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Zone