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    Hello All,

    After my latest trip to the DE specialist, i was prescribed Pazeo to help with my allergies (to grass and trees and mother nature in general). The doctor says my allergies have not gotten any better so now its time for allergy drops. She is hopeful getting this under control will help me with my dry eye symptoms as well.

    I tried the Pazeo for three days now and I believe it is drying my eyes more. I was doing pretty well before starting on these. Now, due to insurance issues, she is switching me to Olopatadine twice a day. I will start that tomorrow.

    I was having a great couple of weeks, since starting NAC, but feel like i'm going backwards with these allergy drops. I do want to do something to get them under control before Spring hits but dont feel like these are the answer.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to help with allergies contributing to dry eye? Any over counter drops (preservative free) that might be just as effective as these? Or any experience with these drops, maybe they get better with time?

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    I heard once that allergy eye drops contribute to dry eye (don't believe me, I can't remember who told me that); anyway, I've using Similasan Eye Allergy Relief, all natural ingredients, super cheap, and can use as needed. I feel like they help me.


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      I totally believe you Sophie. I feel my eyes drier since starting the allergy drops. Plus the Olopatadine is $123/ bottle after insurance. I don't like it!
      I'm trying to find what else I can do because they don't seem like the solution. Ive tried Similasan before. I like them but feel the relief doesn't last long at all.

      Have you tried NAC? I've been on it for like a month now, going on to my second bottle and I think its truly made a difference. Thats why I dont want to mess it up with preservative or allergy stuff.


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        Any antihistamine will dry mucous membranes. I try to avoid using them.


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          MommyandMe81: I haven't. Well on my good days Similasan are enough for me, but weeks like this one, my eyes are dry as a rock, yeah you're kinda right, it doesn't last; dang but I love when I apply them, they're so refreshing!

          Hey I found this on the forum:


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            You are right Farmgirl. I am so weary of antihistamines or preservatives that these drops don't seem like a good idea. I am on the hunt for a good OTC preservative free allergy drop.

            Sophie- that is where I first read about the NAC and decided to try it. It's been a lifesaver, worth a try.


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              I ordered them last week! I found them on Amazon:


              I've been taking one a day.. I don't know if they're helping or not! I've had a pretty bad month, winter it's been pretty bad (well actually not that bad but my eyes are horrible)

              And also I've noticed my eyes are red almost all the time now, it's not thaaat bad but they're not clear as they used to be.. Like I said it's been a pretty bad month, I haven't wear makeup in a looong time..

              By the way, the other day I was watching this makeup tutorial from this really famous YouTuber who did this AMAZIIIINNG smoky eye (I cringe every time they use eyeliner on their waterline); anyway, this was full glam makeup and she said she had to stop for a minute and blink and even use eyedrops because her eyes got dry with all the eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner!
              It's not that I feel happy, but I am glad that I am not alone! I was like OMGG this girl who's probably rich, with millions of subscribers, HAS DRY EYE! wow, it's just amazing.


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                Oooh. I was hoping they'd help you out more. Ive been doing two a day for about a month (wonder if that makes a difference). I definitely don't feel them as dry anymore and on most days can go with only 1-2 drops. Yesterday, however, I was in a closed conference room for about 3 hrs. Wow how they dried up then! .

                This winter has been one to remember- eyewise. I'm soo looking forward to the spring. Hopefully you'll get at least some relief then.

                You read my mind about the tutorials. I wanted to look and see if I find one who does eyeliner but avoiding the waterline. I would love some ideas of how to do it. And YES dry eye is everywhere. I've become the spokesperson for it. lol. I see people with red eyes or putting drops in or on the screens too long and I swoop in with advice. lol. I don't know if they take me seriously but I tell them to not disregard their eyes and keep them moist.


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                  Hi i am also thinking to order from these nac capsules but im not sure they help with dry eye. i also have mgd tbut 6 7 sec


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                    Hi drytc1- with DE everything is worth a shot. What works for one may not work for others so you don't lose anything in trying and seeing how it goes. I have felt a big difference which I attribute largely to the NAC. I also have MGD, not sure about my TBUT. I use the Carlson Brand (500mg) that is sold on Amazon.

                    Also, having your warm compresses, fish oil and other routines helps the cause.