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50mg of Minocyline helped symptoms

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  • 50mg of Minocyline helped symptoms

    I just got off 2 months on 50mg Minocycline.

    It did help, while I was on it.
    I was hoping once I got off, I would be "cured". But just 2 days off of it, my heavy eyelids have come back, and slightly more tearing.
    I guess it's not a cure, it's just fixing the symptoms of whatevers causing the inflammation to begin with?

    When I was on Minocyline for 2 months, I had just small amounts of tearing. And I never felt that heavy gunky feel that I normally have in my eyes.

    Normally, through the day, I will feel a heavy gunky feel in my eyes gradually getting worse throughout the day. I would make several visits to the washroom, to splash my face with very warm water, and use a mixture of baby shampoo and drops of tea tree oil.
    Seemed to help. On Minocycline, I never felt the need to do this.

    I've had dry-eye/inflammation issues since 1997, and being on minocycline was probably the first time I wasn't effected with the usual tearing, almost like i'm crying.

    I just want to say, I believe that whatever this issue is with my eyes, I think it's contagious or communicable. Maybe not through just one touch, but being around someone effected for awhile (maybe similar in a way like TB?) This is my crazy theory. I'm not a doctor. But I have been trying to find out what this is, as no doctors have been able to help me. In fact, it wasn't an opthamologist or my doctor suggesting Minocyline -- I had to insist on getting it from doing my own research, and my doctor was clearly against it, so I had to keep pushing.

    I was living with a roommate in 1997 and that's when all these issues started. I had the whitest eyes with no red veins at all. I wasn't on the computer and I wasn't reading much at all. And that's when all these issues started.
    Also, I recently moved in with my mom for the past couple years. She's in her 70s, and had no issues with her eyes her entire life -- also bright white with no red veins. And then I moved in with her, she's had 2 eye infections, her eyes are constantly red around the eyelids, and she's constantly complaining about her eyes being sore or hurting.
    I've also noticed through the years, that whenever I start at a new job, colleagues/coworkers will come down with eye infections or red veins in their eyes, especially coworkers that I work with closely or near by. It can't be all coincidence. I have tried explaining this to an opthomologist and he thought I was crazy.

    It's too bad I just don't feel no one is doing research or trying to get to the bottom of this. I think the eyecare industry, with all its eye drops, treatments (like Lipiflow which costs $$$) make too much money off treating the symptoms, and not finding the cure. Sadly, alot of science finds cures by accident.

    Something is causing the inflammation to begin with. And antibiotics like Minocycline are really just reducing the inflammation and just reducing the bacteria's ability to reproduce. I'm sure it's not killing off all bacteria -- especially stronger bacteria.

    It just seems to me even trained professionals don't know what's going on. And this seems like a huge problem with lots of people.

    Should all the users and commenters here start a research fund? How to go about doing that?

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    For sure you need another expert, if you doctor did not recommend you
    1) effective/safe lid cleanser especially with pure HOCL, like Avenova, which is particulartly effective to kill bacteria

    2) omega 3 (combined with GLA works even more effective)
    3) do not use baby shampoo - it removes our nature oil

    Inflammation is mostly chronic so best way to control inflammation is through healthy diet+ effective/safe lid hygiene.
    If we overlook it, it comes back and sometimes pretty hard to get it under control. If one has bacterial inflammation for too long, likely has demodex too.

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      Hi MGD,

      I live in a smaller town. i'm also in Canada. I wish I had more choice for doctors, but I don't. In fact, when I moved here 4 years ago, my doctor was the only one in town accepting new patients. lol.
      Even when I did live in the bigger city of Vancouver, the Ophthalmologist didn't recommend minocycline.

      Recently, I told an ER doctor why I was taking Mino, because I had to give her a list of all my medications, and she told me to immediately stop it. She told me its only in "extreme cases". To appease her, I told her I'd stop it. But I didn't. For the first time in almost 2 decades, while taking Minocycline, I didn't have a tearing drippy eye. It was awesome.
      I get why taking antibiotics for extended periods isn't good -- it increases the chances of acquiring an anti-biotic resistant strain of bacteria.

      Today, only 3 days off of the minocycline, and my eye has been tearing up again. It's really dissapointing. I can't go back on it, and go on it forever.

      My facial wash concoction is baby shampoo with drops of tea tree oil. The tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant/anti-fungal/anti-biotic. And the baby shampoo is pretty neutral. Yeah, it might strip some oil, but it gets rid of the gunky feel in my eyes. What else am I gonna use?
      It's like I need to wash my face every 3-4 hours, or it's like i feel gunky in the eyes and the eyelids feel heavy.

      I actually found out about the baby shampoo and tea tree oil mix after reading up about demodex mites. There was a study and research on that, and tea tree oil helped in ridding demodex mites from the eyelash follicles. I've gone to the Ophthalmologist here in my town, and he probably would have given me something for it if I had them. I don't think I have demodex, as I don't have the typical eyelash loss. And the Ophthalmologist did do a good study of my eyes.

      He did recommend I do the Lipiflow treatment, which costs $1000 CDN. It's too expensive. And besides, I've read you can dissolve and melt the fats in the MG's with a hot compress at around 40 degrees celsius for at least 6 minutes. I haven't tried this, as I just do the hot washcloth in the bath routine.

      The Lipiflow test did reveal i have reduced meibomian gland function. -- with several worn out. I don't think this problem starts out with MGD first. I think it's an effect of something else that gets everything else out of whack.

      Like I said, I stand by my theory, that my dry eye and Meibomian gland dysfunction all started with my roommate from years ago. I was in my mid-twenties with no problems with my eyes whatsoever, until i was his roommate for a couple years. It all started when I noticed my eyes getting thick red veins forming. Then I had a full-on eye infection. I went to the doctor, they gave me antibiotic eyedrops and they didn't do anything. I went again, they gave me a new eyedrop. Didn't work either. By then I was tired of going there -- they couldn't seem to help me. I spent a year and a half waking up with my eyes stuck together and red all the time. My eyes would be gunky all day long, I had to carry around a kleenex in my pocket at all times. No one helped me, or didn't know how to help me.

      When I mention the potential of it being contagious or communicable, they look at me like i'm a freak. How do they think colds are spread? Warts? herpes? HIV? fungal infections? Etc? It all sounds like science fiction, but it's real. Comes from other people and is spread through touch, even indirect touch.

      To this day, I'll notice other people I work with, or family or friends, come down with eye problems -- like they'll complain their eyelashes stuck together when they wake up, or eye infections, or complaints there eyes burn, or are red, etc. I've saw more than 30 people I've worked with for two decades come down with various eye ailments, especially when I just start out at a new company. I might be exposing people to something new? Like my roommate did?
      It can't be all coincidence.

      I do take Omega 3s now and then.
      However, if it really were just inflammation that causes DE, then I should have had DE when i was in my teens. I ate horribly. Exposed myself to smoke. Etc. But no problems at all. Clearest white slera you've ever saw. I seriously think its something like a microorganism/bacteria that's not discovered yet that's causing all this. And if pharma drug companies really found a cure for dry eye, would they really want to kill off their cash flow from eye drops? Wipes? Lipiflow? Etc?

      Sure would like to see professionals do research on it because at this point, it's not understood -- even by Ophthalmologists.


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        If we can not find a better expert, we can only learn/explore new things by ourselves - that is how I have solved my issues. Only knowledge is reliable, my experience tells me, after visiting more than 12 doctors.

        Baby Shampoo: many doctors now do NOT recommend it.
        Economial alternatives: other (facial) cleansers without soap (such as *Cetaphil - I actually have tried it (mix with either pure tea tree oil (tto) or tto soap-free shampoo) because I could not find a better one & it is even a bit better than other expensive lid cleansers my doctors recommended). Interestingly enough, an American (dry) eye dr also recommends it) but better try with your hands first.
        *''Low-lather formula: won’t strip skin of natural oils'', according to its website.

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          wakeupscreaming ,there is not one DED, May be your DED is from some very strong bacteria, your theory may be right.
          the question is who cames first, infection or MGD, see:

          if other forum's member here had contaminated other personnes, plz tell it here

          As said by MGD1701 try HOCL


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            Greetings wakeupscreeming:

            I remembered a post from years ago where the poster had used oil of oregano and tee tree oil to treat the eyes with good results. Since these are both natural antibiotics this tip might be a good way to continue the antibacterial treatment that seems to help you. I hunted and found it and am attaching the URL so that you can study the whole post but it was quite intriguing


            I hope this might be helpful in your unique situation....F/G


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              Hi Wakeupscreemin
              Aveonova is only available in USA but you could try other brands:
              Heyedrate/USA which is also pure, or Ocusoft Hypochlor not pure HOCL (but some docs recommend it too).
              My experience tells me pure works more effective/safer.

              Or alternatively, try to find something similiar -
              if we search, we might find something - this is how I found the 3 alternatives
              but only the 3rd one, NatraSan spray/made in UK - pure HOCL works for me.
              Maybe NatraSan even sells to Canada?? Good luck!

              My lid hygiene strategy: pure HOCL + tea tree oil (or soap-free products)
              since demodex is hard to detect/avoid (most docs do not check it too) and when one has chronic inflammation, most likely have demodex.

              Tea Tree oil - Maybe this video by Dr Sandra Lora Cremers illustrates better
              Best way to wash your face and use diluted tea tree oil
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                MGD1701, you are correct about Avenova and OcuSoft Hypochlorous Acid Spray -- they can't be bought or imported into Canada. Probably because they are fairly new? And since they would be considered more of a drug, they'd have to be tested. Remember Fen-Phen and all the lawsuits? The U.S. seems to release new drugs without really testing them thoroughly. Canada is a little more reserved.

                However, I did find one seller off eBay. I ordered it, but it's VERY EXPENSIVE and I have to probably pay an import charge -- that's if they don't confiscate it when it goes through customs. They could decide that it's not allowed.
                I tried ordering it off -- and it wouldn't go through because of the restrictions.
                I'm paying almost 6 times the cost for it
                $124 for a small 2 oz bottle!! :O !!!

                Also, I read on the OcuSOFT pharma companies website that the Hypochlorous Acid spray is only for severe cases and only to be used every now and then. Hope it works for the tearing, with all the money i'm spending on it.
                At the end of the day, the expensive spray is just treating the symptom, it's not curing what's causing the inflammation dry eye to begin with.

                Most importantly, this spray doesn't solve my main concern -- that I believe whatever bacteria / microorganism is causing these eye problems, is contagious / communicable to other people.

                I recently started dating a new person a couple weeks ago. The sclera (whites) of their eyes are bright white. I guess I will find out soon if they start complaining about burning eyes, redness, tearing, eye infections, etc. I will try to notice if I start seeing their eye sclera get redder, greyer and dull.

                I do not have a concern with demodex. Of the two ophthalmologists i've saw recently, one said I had posterior blepharitis. I believe demodex is more associated with anterior blepharitis?
                Regardless, I have been using diluted tea tree oil for years and YEARS -- since the late 90's.
                I don't believe I have a demodex situation. Sorry!

                Also the Oregano and tea tree doesn't sound like it could hurt.
                But again, it sounds like it's managing the symptoms -- it's not a cure.
                However, the procedure the user mentioned -- warming the MGs for 5 minutes with a warm/hot compress will help anyways -- regardless if it has any essential oils
                As I've said in an earlier comment, heating the eyelids to a steady temperature of 40 degress CELSiUS (not fahrenheit) with a hot compress for about 6 minutes will liquify any fats clogging the MGs in the eyelids.
                It's the exact same thing the expensive procedure "LipiFlow" is doing.
                It's not 5 minute at 30 degrees. It's specifically 6 minutes at a steady 40 degrees Celsius.
                This isn't myths or home remedies or something I just made up. I read it from research.


                It's the possible contagious aspect of Dry Eye/Blepharitis that i'm most concerned about.

                I've come across various links about MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) bacteria causing problems with ocular (eye) health, like conjunctivitis.

                And if it's not full-on MRSA bacteria, surely there must be other types of bacteria that are causing problems (like Dry Eye?) that doctors don't know about. And ARE CONTAGIOUS.
                I think so many people freak out when we talk about things being contagious. It's how flus and colds are spread. It's how athletes foot is spread. Warts, TB, HIV, HPV, etc.
                It's not science fiction. It's how viruses and microorganisms like bacteria are spread from one person to the next -- either through direct or indirect transmission.

                Sounds like MRSA bacteria like to live on hard surfaces for hours and days.
                Who knows what other kinds of bacteria could also survive on surfaces for days. It could explain how colleagues I've worked with in the past got eye-infections and dry-eye symptoms like burning, tearing, crusty eyelids, etc. Even when we didn't directly touch, but maybe they were working closely with me, or got onto my computer and touched the keyboard, mouse, cup, pen, etc.

                If my eye problem is caused by an unusual bacteria, it would also explain why the two antibiotic eyedrops I first got prescribed when I first got my eye-infections two decades ago did nothing for me -- they simply weren't strong enough.
                And the minocycline I was recently on, was a weak antibiotic that simply reduced inflammation.
                I'm assuming MInocycline won't kill any stronger bacteria like MRSA.

                Strangely, if the answer to getting rid of a bad bacteria that's causing eye problems like dry-eye/blepharitis is strong antibiotics, then that overuse of antibiotics could cause even more aggressive forms of bacteria.
                Maybe that's why the pharma/medical industry isn't providing a solution? They know their solution will actually cause even worse problems?

                And I have read about:
                DEBS – a unification theory for dry eye and blepharitis

                Basically these two researchers conclude that you need electromechanical lid margin debridement. (gently exfoliating scraping the eyelid margins)

                If you do a search on what they are talking about, you quickly find it's a patented new technology from a corporation that just wants people to use their expensive procedure.
                In fact, if you look at the AUTHORS of the "scientific study", it's actually BlephEx themselves!!! ROFL!!

                "BlephEx™ is a revolutionary new patented hand piece, used to very precisely and carefully, spin a medical grade micro-sponge along the edge of your eyelids"

                It just goes to show -- there's simply too much money wrapped up in treating symptoms for Dry Eye / blepharitis / meibomian gland dysfuction, etc.
                I think eye drops alone are a half billion dollar industry in the U.S. every year.
                I'm beginning to think researchers will never offer a cure. It simply makes them no money.

                LipiFlow is the same sort of thing. Here in my town it costs $1000 for one treatment.
                I can take a hot compress and keep it at 40 degrees celsius and hold it to my eyelids for 6 minutes and it melts the fats clogging the meibomian glands.
                Same thing LipiFlow does.
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