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Why does klonopin make my eye 10x better

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  • Why does klonopin make my eye 10x better

    So klonopin cuts my discomfort in half. Probably even more than that. Like 80% but because I'm a recovering addict I can not take klonopin anymore. But I am curious as to why its like a miracle for my MGD

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    Benzos help my dry eye as well. I'm guessing it has to do with relaxing the eyelid muscles so that you are blinking more completely, which would reduce MGD. I think this is the case for me because I have lagophthalmos (both noctural and daytime when I blink).


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      Hi Grant
      Thanks for sharing. Could you please give me more details of Benzos, full name etc. so I can consult with my doctor.
      Is Benzodiazepines the full name?



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        Yes, benzodiazepines are a controlled substance in the USA and require a prescription. They are prescribed primarily for anxiety, depression, panic disorders. They are addictive, sedating and easily abused. I doubt a dr in the USA would be willing to prescribe them for something like MGD, but things may be different in other countries. Benzos dull pain in general and put you in a relaxed mood, which may be altering the pain pathways.


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          Makes sense. That's what I thought as well. Stress and anxiety makes my MGD and dry eyes worse.


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            Also have some Tavor leftover at home. Never noticed any difference in dry eyes when taking them. For any dry eye sufferer out there, this can't be used to treat dry eyes. It's highly addictive and is just "emergency" medication for anxiety.
            But yeah stress and anxiety makes the eyes worse. So you need to find relaxation techniques that make you more relaxed in the long run.