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Ikervis with night ointments

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  • Ikervis with night ointments

    I'm about to start using ikervis. What do people do if they're using a night ointment as well? I was told by the doctor to put the ikervis in a little while before the night-time ointment (which I should put in last just before bed).

    How long do you wait between the ikervis and the ointment? I was thinking about 15-20 minutes?

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    10-15 minutes between drops and ointments is what most of my eye doctors have recommended. I tended to wait 20-30 minutes between drops, especially if the first drop was prescription, just to make sure the second drop/ointment did not dilute the first, similar to what this article recommends;


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      Thank you. I ended up waiting 30 minutes - which wasn't easy because my eyes were already in a bad way yesterday (one of those days where the pain was at it's worst) and the ikervis seemed to make the pain even worse....I'm not giving up because I'm hoping it will eventually help - and going on the no pain, no gain notion (the steroid drops were also painful and made things worse at first but then started to help a lot).