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Very painful ache in left lacrimal gland, some kind of infection I think,help please!

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  • Very painful ache in left lacrimal gland, some kind of infection I think,help please!

    I got this like last summer I think. Extremely painful aching in lacrimal gland and increased dryness I believe. It must have been an infection, I have no idea what else could suddenly cause redness in eye, massive aching, increased dryness. Yes it's like I got sick suddenly and my eye worsened, only my left eye too.

    It's been my number one eye problem ever since I got it, every day I'm driven crazy by the pain, the pain happens when I use my eye too much, like when I use the computer for too long.

    This is on top of my extremely dry eyes.

    I went to doctor, no help.. didn't think it was bacterial infection or indeed any infection.. But it's not the first time doctors have been wrong about my eyes certainly, I think it is an infection.. I did get antibiotic drops to be sure, didn't work.

    I'm thinking maybe some kind of rare infection of the lacrimal gland?

    I believe the doctor did note that the lacrimal gland was slightly inflamed, not much though, wasn't hanging out or anything.

    Please help if you know anything about this!