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How long can you go without blinking before it hurts?

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  • How long can you go without blinking before it hurts?

    I've been reading through a lot of these posts and can sympathize with many. I have dry eyes from over-wearing my contacts (at least, I think that's why).

    I'm curious to hear how long you go hold open your eyes without blinking before it becomes painful? Though certainly not diagnostic, I think it gives a hint as to how dry your eyes are.

    I can hold mine open for 15 - 20 seconds before it hurts.

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    Well, this is kind of hard as my eyes burn and hurt pretty much constantly. Best I can tell is about 7 seconds, at least for today.
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      I tried this before, 8/9 secs mine for today. 15/20 secs seems good
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        Only 3-4 seconds before mine start to sting


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          19 for me, i am in the lead so far,lol. please let me win, it would be good for my ego right now, lol