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Eye Drops - and pregnancy?/ are they safe?

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  • Eye Drops - and pregnancy?/ are they safe?


    Me again.

    I am about to embark on another course of IVF (my eyes became dry after the last go in May 08 - not sure whether this is connected to the ivf drugs??)

    However, I have noticed that Viscotears hasnt been tested during pregnancy, which worries me (If i am successful!)

    Can anyone advise what they used during pregnancy plse? As I will 99% need something to lubricate my eyes for the rest of my life!

    My eyes are doing good at the moment, drops only twice a day. Although I have been away from work for nearly 2 weeks on hols, and this probably amounts to no VDU usage and those damn HEAT FANS !!!!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    Not worry

    Don't take this as gospel but because eye drops are not absorbed by the body they shouldn't affect pregnancy.
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      Originally posted by brd888 View Post
      Don't take this as gospel but because eye drops are not absorbed by the body they shouldn't affect pregnancy.
      Though the amount is small, eye drops can be absorbed by the body. Please speak with your OB/GYN if you are concerned about the potential effects of eye drops on your baby.

      "Most of the medication in eyedrops stays in or near the eyes, but a small amount affects the rest of the body. Eyedrops are absorbed into the body's bloodstream through mucous membranes lining the surface of the eye, the tear drainage system and nose. Once in your bloodstream, the eyedrops can cause side effects in other parts of the body..."
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        I am no expert on Viscotears...I don't even know if that's an OTC eyedrop or an Rx. What I can tell you is that eyedrops are, indeed, absorbed by the body. They may be absorbed in minuscule amounts, but they do enter the body.

        I am currently pregnant with my second child post-LASIK (and dry-eyed). I have two others from my "previous life" before LASIK. I've always considered OTC eyedrops to be safe. In fact, I'm certain I asked that question of my obstetrician. I use Dr. Holly's eyedrops (Dwelle and Nutratear) exclusively, and never give it a second thought.

        I did experience an eye infection with my last pregnancy and needed an Rx eye ointment...erythromycin. It was determined to be safe during pregnancy, so I did use it with confidence. I have avoided Restasis, however, though I have had urges in the last several years to try it.

        I will add that I do well understand your concerns with product use during or pre-pregnancy. It's well worth taking the time to consider the safety of the baby. You might feel better if you pose the question to your doctor eventually.

        Best of luck to you.

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          Many thanks for your replies.

          Can anyone advise of any drops available in uk which have been given the ok for pregnancy??? I have checked Genteal and Viscotears and they both say not tested.

          I dont know who to ask either - the GP was pretty clueless when I went to see her about my dry eyes ( I knew more about the ailment than she did)

          Would an optician know???? Or would I have to pay privately to see an eye dr?

          And yes, as I predicted - back at work today, sitting at a VDU for 8 hours, with heat fans blaring hot DRY air in my office, and my eyes are MAD this evening!!! making me MAD !!!!! They are very red, sensitive to light and I feel like every drop is evaporating from them :O( Early night to give them a rest, poor things eh!



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            Your obstetrician should be able to put your mind at rest. Also, the pharmacists here in the States generally know better about drugs and drug safety than doctors do. You can check with them as well.
            Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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              Just checked with Tesco's Pharmacist and he said Viscotears is SAFE in pregnancy ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!??!??!?!?!??!?


              I think I should ask around, but I guess I am going to get 50/50 answers!


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                VISCTOEARS and Pregnancy again!????


                Just a little update - still worrying about which eye drops (UK) to use. I start IVF drugs next week, so in 6 weeks I could be pregnant !! However, I have now asked two UK pharmacists who both said yes to VISCOTEARS in pregnancy, however, the leaflet inside states use in precaution (never tested). I have since found this data sheet whilst googling !!

                Pregnancy and lactation
                Viscotears does not contain a pharmacologically active substance. Absorption of the carbomer is negligible due to its high molecular weight. Despite the absence of experience, the use of Viscotears during pregnancy is unlikely to be associated with any risk.

                It still does not state WILL NOT CAUSE RISK - just UNLIKELY!

                What should I do? See my GP?? Telephone my Opticians. What other options are there in the UK?, I need the same level of thickness as Viscotears, which is great most of the times for my eyes.

                Thanks Peeps