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  • it's been a while...

    Hi all... it feels werid posting again. In june, of last year i tried to commit suicide few reasons: depression, dry eyes, just finished college, no job family on my back. I took an overdoes, im not happy... but, im happy being alive... i guess? things are picking up slowly, ive got goals to aim towards-> transforming plastic into useful items (look up precious plastic). If, i cant find a job. im starting up my own business, for some strange reason(i may sound ungreatful). I nearly died, i got anti-poison whatever you wanna call it. by, all odds i should've died. but i didnt. I recently, went to comicon in edinburgh and will continue with comicons. I'm speaking to an OT, about it all, im on setraline. She helps, im doing CBT, i just... researching dry eyes made me obsessed, and im starting to think, they wont ever cure it?. My dry eyes is due to allergies mainly, once this was under cntrol it went from, 4-6/7. different in each eye. im going to start it back up, with mayb flaxseed oil from H&B. seen i have 6 messages. as for my appointment? well. been told do the same routine, my dry eye? it's mild. i was so obsessed, i nearly lost my own life. I'm sorry for not posting, i became severely suicidal stress at college, dry eyes just life i guess....

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    I am very happy to see you here again, I was worried about you since your last post


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      thanks, i now have blood clotting problems but im alive i guess.