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  • Improving??

    Hi all! Just to update you all, from when it was back roughly in august my last appointment. Apprently, since may ive been doing so well so this was my results; slight staining in my left eye, no damage to my corneas, all my allergies are down (2-3 bumps which is normal), my mgd is very mild now- he only looked at the bottom glands pressed against them and told me they are just milky with maybe 2-3 congested, I asked about my oil it seems more how much over quality, he told me everytime ive seen him I'm improving ive seen him in july, august and November, and I'm doing well each time I think what helped was reducing my allergies. They weren't much of an issue but, it was there and he told me that's whats causing my problem mainly. So, I'm hoping to keep up catacrom, fish oil daily (thera tears, if that doesn't give me the result I need ill swap to scope), warm compress whenever I feel, eye drops (on bad days). My TBUT is 6-7, so I'm apparently 3-4 seconds away from my goal. My eyes do feel better, not comfy yet, but better. My eyes are still reddening but I'm trying to not worry about this, (grade 1 for redness). I'm not sure what else to say, ive been too busy at college with my work. I've been back on caffeine (my eyes have no symptoms apart from redness). So, I hope that maybe next year at summer time my eyes will be at 10 seconds. I'm happy enough that my oil glands are working better and it feels like it to me. Comparing this to last year, I was heavily depressed, on multiple eye drops that didn't suit my issue, confused, angry and much more. Now, I'm happy everytime I have my appointment because; I know ill be informed of improvement, and not lack of answers. They always make sure I understand my issue, he said I do still have evaporative dry eye but its improving. I have been relient on caffeine, I'm not worrying as much because of this improvement. But, I am glad for 2-3 seconds improvement over anything, he didn't do the non-invasive test but did check my bottom oil glands and they have gotten better (I think due to allergies not suppressing the oil). But, I do not need to see them til summer (roughly) of next year because I am improving rapidly. I feel like crying as I write this because, it's not been easy for me. I feel like I am getting "normal" again. At one point, he told me I might stop my allergy treatment to see how I go but not right now so I have to continue with it. So, now I'm aiming for 3-4 seconds and hopefully I'm at 10. I did have 4 seconds which was low due to non-invasive test and I do hope my TBUT is 6-7, because of lack of checking on non-invasive test but, my oil glands are improving so... I know ill get better. I'm not there yet, but I am improving all due to lowering my allergy bumps helped me the most I think. Last year, I over did warm compress and fish oil thinking it was failing and all to know it was allergy problems. If it wasn't for a swap on treatment and a better place I probably would've still been depressed by this stage. So, I hope to update for my next appointment, I will be on less, I have uni to think about. I hope this helps some people with their issues. I was over worrying that I would NEVER get better at all, that I would be like this for years, but sadly... It is true what they say, time is all it takes to get the results.

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    I can remember how nervous you were about the visit! Congratulations on your good news, and best wishes for your continued improvement.


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      Thank you so much for the lovely message. I'm actually feeling more confident i can get better, i use to obess over getting better and it seems like it will only happen with time. I always get nervous due to over thinking the problem, but i seem to be doing everything right so far.