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Moorfields - any consultant recommendations?

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  • Moorfields - any consultant recommendations?

    Hi I have a referral letter form my GP to Moorfields, I am going via the private route (not NHS) and wondered if anyone could recommend a consultant at Moorfields for me to see?

    I want someone who will listen to me and treat my long term MGD properly!

    Does anyone have any experience with the consultants at Moorfields?


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    Lots of us do - it's better if we reply to you by personal message about individual experiences so the names are not searchable, then we can use initials in the thread. Have you been with anterior segment at the Royal Liverpool?
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      Julian Stevens would be my recommendation.




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        Is JS interested in treating tear deficiencies and meibomian gland dysfunction, and the corneal surface and sub-epithelial damage from inflammation, and helping us identify systemic causes of chronic dry eye working with our endos, derms and immunologists? Is he current on this, particularly anterior segment immunology? He is advertising only for laser surgery in private practice. Do you mean he does a good pre-laser assessment and can resolve dry eye before refractive surgery?

        I email a short history (NHS/private), it's reviewed by a doc like a specialty registrar, then we are always referred to anterior segment and surface disease clinics.
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        Paediatric ocular rosacea ~ primum non nocere